Sunday, 1 December 2013

#SexySnippets Why didn't you return my call? #WIP

Welcome back to  Sexy Snippets hosted by The Nuthouse Scribblers where we share seven sentences from our published novel or work-in-progress.

I'm bringing you more snippets from my current WIP, Making Scandal the 2nd book in my contemporary romance series The Essien Trilogy coming next year via Decadent Publishing. I didn't complete this story in time for NaNoWriMo, bohoohoo. But at least I'm still writing it.
In this scene Mark and Faith are meeting for a second time. I think the snippet speaks for itself. I hope you enjoy it.


Blair Underwood as Mark Essien
"Why didn't you return my call?" Mark asked after the waiter had taken their drinks orders.

"I've had a very busy week at work," Faith said, lifting her shoulder in a blasé shrug in an attempt to mask the more than casual sensations twirling in her belly.

"Is that the real reason or are you avoiding me?"

She glanced at him and lowered her gaze to the table, not wanting him to see how much he affected her.

"I'm not avoiding you, although I think we don't really have anything more to say to each other."

His hand settled on her left thigh, branding her with strength and heat, her fitted linen pencil skirt providing little protection for her awakening skin.

"There's still plenty we haven't said to each other."
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