Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Love cowboys and westerns? Check out Her Montana Cowboy by @MissWishlade

I'm pleased to welcome back +Molly Wishlade  to my blog as she tours her latest book, Her Montana Cowboy. Check it out.

TITLE: Her Montana Cowboy
AUTHOR: +Molly Wishlade 
BOOK LENGTH: Short Novel
WORD COUNT: 33,101
ISBN: 978-1-78430-746-2

GENRE: Cowboys and Western, Erotic Romance, Historical
RELEASE DATE: 6th October 2015

Sunday, 25 October 2015

His silhouetted body oozed a certain predatory strength #sexysnippets #ASMSG

Happy Sunday and welcome back to Sexy Snippets.
This is a fun weekly meme where we share 7 sentences from a published book or work in progress. Feel free to join us by adding your sexy snippets post link HERE or check out the page on Facebook or Twitter.

Since I'm reminded everyday about Halloween approaching I decided to share from the first paranormal story I ever wrote. A few of you have been asking about this story and yes, it's coming back soon.

In the meantime, here's a snippet from Outcast.

At the sound of the deep voice behind her, Ugo gasped and nearly jumped off the little stool. Her heart lodged in her throat, her pulse rate frantic. She swivelled around, clutching her chest and panting. Ebube stood a few paces behind her.

From where she sat, he looked impossibly tall and menacing with his face in the shadows. His silhouetted body oozed a certain predatory strength. His catlike eyes seemed to glow like gems in the dark.

You can find out more about Outcast here:

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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

My first #audiobook title is here. Keeping Secrets audio is out now #MidWeekTease

Happy Hump Day, sweeties! Welcome back to Mid Week Tease.

Today, I'm excited to announce that I have my first title in audiobook format. Yay!

Keeping Secrets: The Essien Trilogy, Volume 1
Written by: Kiru Taye
Narrated by: Ian Gordon
Length: 6 hrs and 11 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
Release Date:19/10/2015

 So of course I have a audio teaser from the book. I love the narrator's voice. I hope you do too. He reminds me of Tom Hiddleston's voice. *grins*
Click play on the YouTube clip to listen.

Keeping Secrets audiobook is now available at 

If you're in Africa it's also coming soon to Talking Bookz.

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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

The annual Addictive Reads Halloween #Giveaway is here #AReads $50 #GC

Welcome to this year’s annual Halloween Blog Hop! The Authors of Addictive Reads will be discussing some of their favorite parts of Halloween.  You just never know what you might find out about one of your favorite authors. We’ll also be giving away some prizes here and some authors may even be giving away more prizes on their personal blogs which are linked below — check them out through the 31st! Scroll down for a list of prizes, blog hop links, and the rafflecopter where you can enter to win! We’d love to hear your favorite musings on Halloween, so please share with us in the comments.

Sunday, 18 October 2015

"Take as much as you want" #SexySnippets #ASMSG Making Scandal #AARomance

Welcome back to sexy snippets, where writers share seven sentences from published books or works-in-progress. Want to join us? We're here every Sunday. Simply add the link to your sexy snippets posts. You can also find us on Facebook or Twitter.

I haven't shared from Making Scandal in a while, so this week, you get seven sentences packed with sexual tension. Enjoy.

Tension oozed off his body.
"You’re playing with fire," he said as he took a step towards her.
"I’m not playing," she replied, her gaze hooked on his.
"A taste won’t be enough," he growled, his tone husky as he took another step.
"Take as much as you want," she said, her voice now hoarse and low as the whoosh of rushing blood in her ears got louder.
"I want everything...I want all of you."
He stood in front of her but didn’t touch her.

I hope you enjoyed it. You can find out more about Making Scandal HERE.

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Sunday, 11 October 2015

He ignored his sensible mind #sexysnippets #ASMSG Worthy #comingsoon

Welcome back to sexy snippets where writers share snippets from works-in-progress or published books.

This week I bring you more from Worthy, book 3 of the Challenge series. I think the scene explains itself. It's still a first draft. Enjoy.

Peter strode into the hotel lobby and made his way into the bar before he realised what he'd done. He shouldn't be in here.
Still, his gaze searched the room and he found her, sitting in the same spot as yesterday.
His breath locked in his chest, his heart racing.
Turn around. Walk away.
He ignored his sensible mind and allowed his errant body to lead him across the almost empty lounge until he reached the bar. Until he stood next to her.

I hope you enjoyed it. Come back next week for more.

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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Catch up with the sizzling #interracial #romance: Mine To Love by @LeaBronsen

Book two of the Hot Model Mine trilogy is finally here! Did you wonder what happened to erotic romance author Andrea and her irresistible cover model, Yushka, after the conference in Cannes?

Sunday, 4 October 2015

He could pass for a runway model #SexySnippets #ASMSG #comingsoon

Almost forgot about sexy snippets today. I'm so deep in editing at the moment, I'm barely coming up for air.

Anyway, here are seven sentences from Worthy, Challenge series book 3, to keep you going until next time. This is an unedited first draft. Enjoy.

Tall and slender, he was impeccably dressed in a two-button tailored suit cut from expensive ocean-blue silk that shimmered, a white shirt and a brocade-silk tie that matched his suit and his shoes were ebony wingtips.
His pristine skin was a tawny colour, the hair cut pretty close to his scalp. Brown brows arched over dark eyes that appeared sharp, strong nose bridged and equi-linear face, completed by lush lips and a square chin.
Strikingly handsome and immaculately groomed, he could pass for a runway model in an Ozwald Boateng outfit posing for a GQ magazine shoot.
Tessa’s knees weakened and she grabbed onto the bar as she climbed onto the stool. Aware he strode on her direction, her pulse sky-rocketed and heat flirted with her skin.
She grabbed the drink the barman had just poured her and took a sip of the cold dark coke.

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