Sunday, 31 January 2016

He shouldn’t be looking at her #sexysnippets #asmsg #amreading Bound To Fate

I'm late with today's sexy snippets. Better late than never, right?

Anyway, this is a fun weekly meme where we share 7 sentences from a published book or work in progress. Feel free to join us by adding your sexy snippets post link HERE or check out the page on Facebook or Twitter.

So I'm going to give you one last snippet from Bound to Fate (Bound Series, book 1), my latest book before I move on to the next book in the series. Enjoy.

He shouldn’t be looking at her. Any decent man would’ve turned his back to her or even returned to the living room. He did neither.

Her skirt slid down her hips, past a black lace thong that presented her bum cheeks to him as she leaned over to pull the skirt from her legs.
All the blood in his body rushed south and his dick hardened. Painfully.
She straightened and turned around. He’d never seen her this bare before. His breath caught. She was beautiful. Slimmer than he remembered, but still beautiful.

Bound to Fate is out now and available in ebook and paperback from all the usual book retailers.

Friday, 29 January 2016

The Winter Masquerade Ball and Romance Tour is here #giveaway

Welcome to Ocean 2 Ocean Book Promotions’ first annual Winter Masquerade Ball and Romance Tour!! The blog tour will start Friday, January 29th at 1PM EST, accompanied by a kick-off event on Facebook. The tour and party will continue through February 1st at 11 PM EST.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Bound to Fate is a story about surviving tragedy #Giveaway #ASMSG #MidweekTease

Yay! It's here.
The day has finally arrived. Bound to Fate is officially out and available to purchase in ebook and paperback.

First let's have a mid-week tease.

Puffing out a breath, he scrubbed his hand on his head. “Lara, you are a special girl. You’re intelligent and I really see a wonderful future for you. But you’re not eighteen yet and I’m twenty-one. I’m the adult here and I’m also your teacher. There’s nothing between us. Now, I’m going to take you home and we’re not going to discuss this topic again. Understood?”
Her gaze darted to him, her eyes over bright.
“But I love you, sir,” she replied in a shaky voice before she turned away to stare straight ahead out of the windscreen.
His breath hitched. Tightness returned to his chest and his stomach sank. Tilting his head back on the rest, he closed his eyes. It would’ve taken a lot for her to make that confession. His admiration for her racked up a notch as the urge to pull her into a hug fired in his veins along with the desire to kiss her and confess his true feelings for her.
 Don’t be reckless. Think of the consequences. An image of his brother cautioning him loomed large in his mind. His brother had always been the sensible of the two of them. If Ike had listened and complied with the advices, his brother wouldn’t be dead now.
Puffing out a resigned breath, he opened his eyes. Instead of responding to her declaration, he turned the ignition and the car kicked to life. As he indicated, checked his mirrors, and pulled into the lane, numbness settled over him.
He’d have to break her heart. It was the only way to save her.

Now for the blurb:

Lara Johnson is coping with the emotional scars of losing both parents in a tragic incident and facing the challenges of starting a new school. Getting involved in a relationship isn't on her priority list. Certainly not this illicit desire for a man, who demands the best from her, yet leaves her breathless in his presence.

All Ike Thomas wants to do is to keep out of trouble and get through the one year internship required for his degree program. But trouble finds him, in the form of an intelligent and brave girl who turns his world upside down. Falling in love is forbidden. So why does it feel so right?

A love like theirs cannot be denied. But catastrophe lies in wait and one night changes their lives forever.

Bound to Fate is a story about surviving tragedy, forgiveness, and the overwhelming love that pulls through against the odds.

Content warning: This book contains scenes that might be triggering for some readers.

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