Wednesday, 23 July 2014

This is how you make me feel #MidWeekTease #MWTease @JorjaLovett

Welcome back to Mid-Week Tease hosted by the lovely Sandra Bunino, where writers share teasers from our work-in-progress or published books.

This week I bring you a teaser from a lovely author and friend, Jorja Lovett, and her latest book, First Floor: Cosmetics, part of her Department Store series. The book is out now, so if you enjoy the teaser, go and download it. :-)


The cosmetics department is now open! First Floor: Cosmetics is available for early download at Totally Bound.


Take one younger man, add some illicit outdoor sex, and Maggie Fenton is inclined to forget she’s the oldest cosmetics girl at Kelsey’s Department Store.

From the outside, it looks as though Maggie Fenton has it all. The glamorous head of the cosmetics department lives a life of luxury, but money definitely hasn’t bought her happiness. In reality, she’s married to a serial cheat who has made her life a misery for over a decade. With her husband chasing younger women, and her teenage co-workers’ catty comments ringing in her ears, Maggie’s resigned herself to being on the scrap heap. Until Jonah Hamilton puts temptation in her way and reminds her she’s still a red-blooded woman.

Monday, 21 July 2014

How Far Would You Go To Save Your Marriage? #Book @authoressmeliss #Giveaway

Today's book spotlight features Love on Death Row, an urban fiction / women's fiction by author Melissa Love. She's also got a lovely giveaway for one lucky person.

Title: Love On Death Row
Author: Melissa Love
Genre: Women's Fiction, Urban 

Friday, 18 July 2014

Life at Diomhair is never peaceful-Secrets Uncovered @RavenMcAllan #Book #Giveaway

Yay! I've got the lovely Raven McAllan taking over my blog today. She's also giving away a book. Read through to the bottom and answer her question for your chance to win the first book of the Diomhair series.
 Over to you, Raven...
Aberdour Castle, Fife, Scotland

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Let's go to the beach with some great Summer Reads #books #giveaway

Summer is here. So how about a Summer Reads blog hop where you get to stack up on some great books for your summer vacation. There are some prizes to be won too.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

You fascinate me - Making Scandal #MidWeekTease #MWTease #ASMSG

Welcome back to Mid-Week Tease hosted by the lovely Sandra Bunino, where writers share teasers from our work-in-progress or published books.

Last week, we met Faith and saw her perspective on Mark (from Making Scandal). If you've read Keeping Secrets, then you probably wonder what happened between the two of them the night they all met up with Felix and Ebony for the first time. Well, wonder no more. Here's a teaser from that scene. It is unedited.


"Why didn't you return my call?" Mark asked after the waiter had taken their drinks orders.
"I've had a very busy week at work," Faith said, lifting her shoulder in a blasé shrug in an attempt to mask the more than casual sensations twirling in her belly.
"Is that the real reason or are you avoiding me?"

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Boredom. His expression reeked of it #MidWeekTease #MWTease #ASMSG

Welcome back to Mid-Week Tease hosted by the lovely Sandra Bunino, where writers share teasers from our work-in-progress or published books.

I'm just about to starting revising and editing Making Scandal, book 2 of The Essien Trilogy as we start the countdown to publication on August 28, 2014. So this week, I bring you a teaser from this manuscript. The scene explains itself. It is unedited.


"HE is so good-looking."
Stella Orovi walked over to where Faith Brown was tapping away at the screen of her Samsung Galaxy tablet. She placed the drinks she'd just ordered on the table. Faith gave her a quick warning glance to mind her tablet before returning to continue typing out what she was doing.

Monday, 7 July 2014

COVEN is more than just a game-Open World by @CaseyMoss_ #UrbanFantasy

Happy Monday! Today, I'm hosting the lovely Casey Moss and her latest book, Open World-C.O.V.E.N. an erotic Urban Fantasy. Check it out and say hello.

Open World – C.O.V.E.N. by Casey Moss
Erotic Urban Fantasy

Open World – C.O.V.E.N. by Casey Moss is an Editor’s Pick!

The world has broken out in wars. Las Vegas has been ravaged by chemical warfare and is now home to several clans and creatures.

Welcome to I-D-8 Entertainment’s newest game: Clans of Vegas—Endless Night.

Friends and family have gathered for a crunch time playtest of C.O.V.E.N.. When a horrible thunderstorm hits, everyone’s sucked into the game for real. In the MMORPG, Hope Collins is kidnapped by Buzz and forced to submit to his whims. Her boyfriend, Alden, has to delay his quest of defeating a clan’s prince to save her, but time and circumstance don’t seem to be on his side. Faith Collins is bombarded by strange dreams brought on by Buzz. Her boyfriend, Tavis, learns to dream walk, but can he help break the spell she’s under and save her before she’s lost to him?

C.O.V.E.N. is more than just a game. It’s a whole other world.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

There is no reward without risk #MidWeekTease #MWTease #ASMSG

Hello sweeties. Happy Hump Day. It's time for Mid-Week Tease hosted by the lovely Sandra Bunino.

This week I'm bringing you another teaser from a brand new manuscript, Worth A Challenge. The Challenge series follows the exploits of 3 best friends Michael, Paul and Peter.

Last week we met Tess. So this week I'm introducing you to Peter. It is an unedited first draft and I hope you enjoy it.


Chapter One

Can a quiet man tame his rebellious wife with persevering love?

Is the hunter about to be hunted?