Tuesday 30 July 2013

New #Book Release: The Other Side by @ZeeMonodee #Ubuntu @DecadentPub

Title: The Other Side
Series: Book #1 in the Island Girls Trilogy
Author: Zee Monodee
Line: Ubuntu (geared to African Romance)
Publisher: Decadent Publishing, LLC
Release date: July 30, 2013
Genre: Contemporary Romance/ Romantic Comedy/ Interracial Multicultural Romance/ Bollywood
Length: 272 pages
Heat Level: Sensual/ 2 flames

Sunday 28 July 2013

Yay! I have #CoverArt for SCARS and #SexySnippets too

Finally, I have the cover art for Scars, part one of the Passion Shields series of erotic contemporary novellas. 

I'm always excited whenever I get my cover art. For a visual person like me, it's a more tangible proof that I have a book coming out than when I see a book contract.
So I hope you'll celebrate with me.

Ta dah!

Release date: August 1, 2013!

Here's the blurb:

She clutches at control to cover her flaws.
He wants to strip her bare because she's beautiful.

Selina Moss hides a secret beneath her controlled happy exterior. Her body is covered in scars and she's never revealed them to anyone. She's not beautiful and she doesn't want pity.

However, it's her wedding night and husband, Benjamin Moss, is determined to strip down her barriers.

Benjamin is not playing fair, not when he's deploying breath-stealing seduction as well as mind-melting sex toys. But will he still want her when she bares all?

For my sexy snippet, I've gone right back to the start of the story. I hope it hooks you.
If you can't wait till Thursday, you can check out previous sexy snippets from this story here and here. Enjoy.

"I look forward to having you naked in bed tonight."
Benjamin's heavy voice whispered hot against the skin on the back of her ears. The image of her bare body sprawled against the Egyptian cotton sheets of their five-star hotel bed loomed large in Selina's mind. Sparks of arousal travelled down her spine to her very core.
"All your beautiful chocolate skin on display for me."
His hand stroked her thigh—slow, purposeful strokes, igniting into flames of desire that licked her sex, melting it like wax.
She bit her lip, holding back a moan as she turned her head, needing to see his face, taste his lips.

Do you like the cover? Leave me a comment. I love to read it. 
Check out the other Sexy Snippets this week too.

Friday 26 July 2013

#BBF #Spotlight on Lily Bishop #BloggerBookFair

And my final guest for the Blogger Book Fair is Lily Bishop. Check out her interview and book excerpt.

Leave a comment and you'll be entered into my Summer Is Here prize draw.

Q1) Welcome to my blog. Can you tell us a little about yourself –

My name is Lily Bishop, and I am married with two children, one in middle school and one in elementary school. I have a Bachelor’s in English, one year of degree work toward a Master’s in Creative Writing, and a Master of Public Administration. I work full-time doing database management work. I write in my free time (she says chuckling, because there is none).

#BBF #Spotlight on Lillian MacKenzie #BloggerBookFair

Welcome to Day 5 of the Blogger Book Fair and the spotlight is on Lillian Mackenzie. Please make her feel welcome.

Remember to leave a comment to be eligible for my Summer Is Here prize draw.

Q1) Welcome to my blog, Lillian. Can you tell us a little about yourself

I am an eclectic writer who has an open approach to genre writing. I pretty much let my pencil or muse dictate my story as it goes along.

Thursday 25 July 2013

#Spotlight Making The First Move by @ReeseRyanWrites #BloggerBookFair

Today I've been chatting with the lovely author Reese Ryan as part of the Blogger Book Fair running this week. Make her feel at home and leave a comment for your chance to win 1 of 2 $10 gift cards.

On to the interview.

Q1) Can you tell us a little about yourself
I’m a freelance writer and a social media manager. My background is in non-profit administrative support and talent acquisition. I’m a native Ohioan currently residing in North Carolina and adjusting to Southern living. I love music, literature and the arts. So I have way too many books, CDs, and MP3s. I make it to the art museum whenever I can.

Q2) Lovely to meet you, Reese. So have you always wanted to be an author?
Since middle school. I was already a voracious reader, but reading Jane Austen’s book, Pride & Prejudice made me want to become a storyteller.

How About Some Hot #Paranormal Nights #Giveaway

Welcome to the Hot Paranormal Nights Blog Hop hosted by authors Tricia Schneider and Kallysten. It runs from July 25 to July 30.

This event celebrates all things that go bump in the night. Whether you like your sexy heroes to have fangs or fur, or your spunky heroines to harness magical forces, or any other sort of paranormal elements to spice up your romances, this is the hop for you!

In my story Unbound featured in the Blood Bar Chronicles - The Enforcers anthology, the sexy hero M'na is a guardian who can levitate and shoot daggers from his fingers. Cool, don't you think?
The character M'na was was inspired by this image of actor Chiwetel Ejiofor. I think he is HOT. 

Want to find out more? Here's the blurb.

The Blood Bar Chronicles Book 3, The Enforcers 

When the Wicked Ladies of Fiction meet up in a Scottish bar they don't expect a night filled with danger, lust and hot supernatural men...

Unbound by Kiru Taye


When workaholic high-flying career lawyer Tara Woji meets up with old friends at the blood bar in Edinburgh, she doesn't realise the danger lurking in the shadows for her. M'na is a chi, a gatekeeper whose duty is to protect the humans. Tara is his assignment. As the shadows deepen and darkness comes to claim her, he will do whatever it takes to protect her including doing the one thing that releases her powers—unbinding her heart.

Wednesday 24 July 2013

#BBF#Spotlight on Marisa Cleveland #BloggerBookFair

It's Day 3 of the Blogger Book Fair and the spotlight' on Marisa Cleveland. Check out my interview with her and make her feel welcome.

Leave a comment here and be entered into my Summer Is Here gift card prize draw.

Q1) Welcome to my blog, Marisa. Can you tell us a little about yourself

Thanks so much for having me on your blog! A little bit about me... I'm a writer and a reader. Some weeks I read waaaay more than I write, but I love both equally.

Q2) Tell me about it. I read way more than I write too. So have you always wanted to be an author?

Always, though I didn't imagine I could be a published author until recently.

Tuesday 23 July 2013

#BBF #Spotlight Take 2 by Linda Bolton #BloggerBookFair

Welcome to Day 2 of the Blogger Book Fair and I've got the lovely Linda Bolton on my blog. Check out our interview and make her feel welcome.

Q1) Can you tell us a little about yourself -

I work full-time in HR and write part-time while I play with my nine month old granddaughter “Z”.

Find me:

Monday 22 July 2013

#BookSpotlight A Rare Vintage by Delancey Stewart #BloggerBookFair

Happy Monday, folks. Welcome to the Blogger Book Fair. For the next five days I'm hosting an author and their book on my blog. Stop by and check out all the lovely books and meet the authors.

If you leave a comment, you have a chance of winning 1 of 2 $10 gift cards in my Summer Is Here Giveaway

Today the spotlight is on A Rare Vintage by Delancey Stewart. Check it out.

Summer Is Here with 2 $10 Giftcards to #Giveaway

Summer is here. And I've got 2 new books coming out and a few book events going on.

To celebrate I'm giving away 2 $10 giftcard to 2 lucky winners.

What do you have to do to enter?

Saturday 20 July 2013

#SexySnippets Scars Trilogy #Book 2 #wakingthesenses

Welcome back to Sexy Snippets hosted by The Nuthouse Scribblers, seven sentences shared from your work-in-progress or published work.

This week I've snipped from the second book in the Scars Trilogy which I started writing this week. It's still early days in this WIP so this is from chapter 1. I hope you enjoy it.


"Wake up, beauty," Benjamin's alert tone penetrated Selina's sleep.

She stirred slowly, her body weighed down, languid. The aroma of dark roasted coffee beans wafted around her, alerting her brain. She lifted her eyelids and smiled. Her husband stood half-naked in the middle of their master bedroom in a pair of dark chinos, his toned bare torso and arms a golden beacon drawing her waking desire.

She shifted, lifting herself into a sitting position, her brows pulled together in a frown. Something was wrong.


Leave me a comment. I love to read them. Remember to check out the other Sexy Snippets this week. 

Monday 15 July 2013

July Love & Romance in Color is out @NightOwlReviews #multicultural #books

The latest edition of the Night Owl Reviews magazine is out. Check out my Love and Romance in Color Column. This month I focus on books with babies/children. Some of the authors featured include Ann Christopher and Heather Long. Click the link to read it. You'll find a book for you.

Nana Prah wins a copy of Physically, Yours by Nnenna Marcia from last week's guest interview. Congratulations. Contact me to arrange delivery.

Thursday 11 July 2013

Outcast by Kiru Taye Chapter 1- Part 1 #historical #paranormal #shifters

Hi, folks. I hope you're all having a great July so far. I've got a new book coming out in late August titled Outcast (formerly titled The Healer's Warrior) and for the next few weeks I'm going to share the first few chapters with you in preparation for publication.
Each week I'm going to post a part of each chapter sequentially. All you have to do is read and let me know if you enjoyed it by leaving a comment. The more comments I receive, the more likely I'll post the next part sooner rather than later.

It is unedited, so pardon any errors.

I'm hoping to receive the cover art soon but in the meantime here's the blurb. This story explores some African myths and legends but is purely fictional and a product of my imagination.

Ugo’ji is an outcast, an untouchable. She lives on the fringe of society as the lowest of the low, a living sacrifice to the gods. The only person she interacts with is her aged grandmother Nne who nurtures her powerful gift of healing. Until the day she meets Ebube a strange warrior to their lands who ignites a yearning within her she's unable to ignore.
Ebube is drawn to the young maiden with the emerald green eyes who possesses the body of a goddess and the healing touch of an angel. But he is forbidden from mating with a human and the consequence is the wrath of the gods.

Moreover he is on a mission. If he fails, the gates of hell will be opened and the earth plunged into darkness. He cannot stay and she cannot go with him. So why bother?

Chapter One

Help me...Do whatever it takes...Keep the gates of Alammuo sealed.

Darkness tugged at him, threatening to pull him into its murky depths. With a jerk Ebube sat up on his pallet, the wood creaking with the shift of his weight. The pounding of his heart echoed in his ultra-sensitive ears, sweat streaked down his body in rivulets.

Monday 8 July 2013

#Interview Getting Physically Yours with @NnennaMarcia ConRom #Giveaway

Happy Monday, folk. You know I love showcasing new authors here and this week it's my pleasure to host debut author Nnenna Marcia as we chat about writing and her new book Physically, Yours, a contemporary romance set in Nigeria.

Please make her feel welcome and leave a comment. She's giving away a copy of her book to one lucky commenter. The winner will be announced next Monday.

Last week's winner of Altered Frequency by Joya Fields is Debbie Christiana. Congratulation! Contact me for your copy.

Now on to this week's interview...

Q1) Can you tell us a little about yourself

I write under the name erotica under the name ‘Nnenna Marcia’ (http://www.nnennamarcia.com)  which is a pseudonym – my romance novel is published under ‘Nnenna Emm’ to distinguish it a bit. I grew up in Nigeria as one of six children and I think that even though you have great fun in such a huge family, it’s also essential to break away from the group a bit and form your own identity. Writing was always that identity for me.

Sunday 7 July 2013

#SexySnippets from The Healers Warrior #historical #paranormal

I'm a little late to the Sexy Snippets party this Sunday but I hope your enjoy my seven sentences taken from a historical paranormal romance I wrote back in 2011, soon to be published, titled The Healer's Warrior.


At the sound of the deep voice behind her, Ugo gasped and nearly jumped off the little stool she sat on. Her heart was certainly lodged somewhere in her throat. She turned around to see Ebube standing a few paces behind her.

From her sitting angle, he looked impossibly tall, dark and menacing with his face in the shadows. His silhouetted body oozed a certain predatory strength. His eyes' catlike qualities seemed to glow like gems in the dark.

How did he get there without her hearing him?


Share your thoughts. I love to read them. And check out the other Sexy Snippets this week. 

Monday 1 July 2013

#Interview @JoyaFields Chats Matchmaking Ghost #Giveaway Altered Frequency

Happy Monday, folks. My guest today is the lovely Joya Fields who's on a book tour for her latest novel Altered Frequency. Stop by, leave a comment for her and I'll select one person to win a copy of her eBook. I'll announce the winner next Monday.

Now, on to the interview...

Q1) Joya, welcome to my blog. Can you tell us a little about yourself

Thanks so very much for hosting me on your blog today, Kiru.  I’m thrilled to be here. I love to write romantic suspense, contemporary romance and paranormal (ghost) romance. I’ve been writing for about seven years and Altered Frequency is my third novel.
The Romance Reviews