Sunday, 30 June 2013

More #SexySnippets from Black & Blue #thefirstkiss

Welcome back to Sexy Snippets hosted by The Nuthouse Scribblers. I'm sharing more snippets from my current WIP Black & Blue. In this scene Christopher kisses Lora for the first time. I hope you enjoy it.


Without saying another word, he took her hand and led her to an adjoining room. Shrouded in darkness, the only light came through the gap at the bottom of the closed door. Still, it outlined the dark stubble on his strong jaw perfectly and she caught a flash of white teeth in his smile.

Cupping her cheeks with his rough palms, he kissed her. Surprisingly his full lips were soft as they wrapped around her mouth, his tongue rubbing against hers. Inside she was melting. She held on to his solid, muscular arms afraid she'd end up in a puddle on the floor.
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Thursday, 27 June 2013

#BookReview Senator Mine by @KerryAdrienne @DecadentPub Nook #Giveaway

Happy Thursday. Today it's my turn to host the Decadent Publishing Nook Giveaway Fest. In this post, you'll get a chance to WIN a Nook eReader plus other prizes as well as check out some fabulous eBooks priced at the bargain price of $1 or £0.77.

There are many chances for the entrants to win and many ways to enter daily. Use the rafflecopter below to enter the prize draw.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Read #SexySnippets from Black & Blue #WIP #salsa #dancing

Welcome back to Sexy Snippets hosted by The Nuthouse Scribblers. I'm writing again. Yippee!
So this week, I'm sharing a snippet from my current work-in-progress. It's the third part of my Passion Shields series and I've titled it Black and Blue for now.
The first 2 parts of the series will be out July and August this year published by Evernight Publishing's Romance On The Go line.
I hope you enjoy this snippet. 

Couple salsa dancing
They danced in rhythm, not missing a beat of the music. Christopher led with flair, his confidence apparent as he spun, flung and caught her with ease.

Despite the air-conditioning, she built up a sweat, drops trickling down her back. Lora's body, already delirious with arousal, buzzed from the excitement fuelled by the dance workout.

He spun her and she felt like she was going to fall over. Using her momentum he pulled her against his hips and held her. His hand slid down her back and settled just above the curve of her left bum cheek.


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Monday, 17 June 2013

New #Book #Spotlight and #Contest: Surrender To Me by @EllaJade1

Happy Monday, folks. Today's guest  is Ella Jade with her new book Surrender To Me. Please make her feel welcome. She's also giving away $10 gift voucher. Read the post and leave a comment for your chance to win.

Before we get to that, last week's winner of Trust No One by Drica Armstrong is Mary Preston. Congratulations!

Now back to this week's post. Take it away, Ella.


I’m pleased to announce the release of Surrender to Me, the sequel to Make Me Stay.

What happens when a Dominant falls for his not-so-submissive attorney?

Saturday, 15 June 2013

#SexonSaturday & #SexySnippets from Unbound #BloodBarChronicles 3

Hello, weekenders. I hope you're all having a blast.

This week I've taken my snippets from Unbound my story in The Enforcers, Blood Bar Chronicles book 3 and I'm sharing my snippets with Sex On Saturday hosted by Roz Lee and Sexy Snippets hosted by The Nuthouse Scribblers.


#SexOnSaturday (One line):

His lips descended on hers for the second time that night.

#SexySnippets (7 sentences):

This time the sensations were not a blur. She felt him in every pore of her body, soaking in his aura, her body and mind overwhelmed by exciting sensations. The familiarity and recognition returned, along with the desire to have him inside her, filling her up. Memories of the two of them together flooded her mind.
Connected, she sensed more than his memories. His emotions wrapped around her mind like a swirling thread, connecting light, desire, and elation. Yet, in the depth of his mind were also darkness, rage, and remorse.

Here's the blurb:

He will damn his soul to set hers free.

When workaholic high-flying career lawyer Tara Woji meets up with old friends at the blood bar in Edinburgh she doesn’t realise the danger lurking in the shadows for her. M’na is a chi, a gatekeeper whose duty is to protect the humans. Tara is his assignment. As the shadows deepen and darkness comes to claim her, he will do whatever it takes to protect her including doing the one thing that releases her powers – unbinding her heart.

Available from Breathless Press or your favourite online ebookstore.


I hope you enjoyed it. Leave me a comment. I love to read them. Remember to check out Roz Lee's blog for more one line Sex on Saturday and the other Sexy Snippets below on Sunday.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Raise Your Hand If You Hate Waiting #WritersLife #Publishing

Hi folks, how have you all been? It's been hectic over here with writing, revising, and submitting various manuscripts while trying to cope with being a new mum (again) and also dealing the older kids who can't wait for the summer holidays to start.

Over the last month, I've submitted 4 manuscripts to publishers and been offered contracts for 2 of them, both in the last week. Yay!

However, the speed at which one publisher responded to my manuscript was pretty surprising. They came back and offered a contract within 24 hours of my submission. Wow!

For me, that was a huge record. No other publisher has ever gotten back to me in that amount of time and I had to pick my jaw off the floor when I saw the offer email.

© ampyang -
You see, for me the worst thing about the whole publishing business (apart from writing synopses, but that's another post J) is the waiting period after I've submitted a manuscript for consideration.

I hate waiting. Period.

Oh, I've found ways to cope with it. Like writing, reading and getting on with my life while jumping each time my email notification goes off on my phone. LOL.

Give me a 'no'. I can deal with rejections. I accepted a long time ago that my manuscripts are not suitable for all publishers. So if I get one, I don't mind so much as long as I don't have to wait too long for it.

It's the waiting that kills me.

Monday, 10 June 2013

#Interview Mystery Meets Urban Fiction @dricaarmstrong #giveaway

Happy Monday, y'all! I hope you had a great weekend.

Today I'm chatting with author Drica Armstrong about books and writing in general. Please make her feel welcome.

Leave a comment for your chance to win a copy of her urban fiction novel, Trust No One. I'll pick a winner and announce it next Monday.

Last week's winner of KUMA by Kassanna is Michaela Rhua. Congratulations!

Now, for this week's interview...


Q1) Can you tell us a little about yourself

            I am an author who is trying to make a mark on the literary industry. I strive to give the readers a look into my imagination where all my books originate from.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

S.O.S. #SexonSaturday: A Valentine Challenge

If you're here for my #SexySnippet post, go to Sexy Romance Stories.

This weekend, I'm joining with fellow SRS author Roz Lee in sharing one sexy sentence for Sex On Saturday. It comes from A Valentine Challenge. Here it is:

Pictures of both their bodies entwined, his hands all over her skin, his body claiming hers in an age old lovers' dance.

For how to get a copy of A Valentine Challenge free, go HERE.
Otherwise, you can buy a copy from your favourite online eBookstore.

Go over to Roz Lee's blog to read her S.O.S. post.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

FREE #eBook: A Valentine Challenge #Read & #Review to WIN $10 #GC

Yay! It's Thursday. One more day till the weekend.

Looking for something to read this weekend? Why not download a FREE copy of A Valentine Challenge via this link.

Better still, read and review it on Amazon in the next month for your chance to win one of 3 $10 Amazon Gift Cards.

Sound great? Go download and happy reading.

The offer is only available for a limited period, so hurry.

Have a great weekend, y'all!

Monday, 3 June 2013

#Book #Spotlight on KUMA by @Author_Kassanna

Happy Monday, folks. Today I'm excited to host the fabulous author Kassanna and her new book Kuma. She is a lovely person and I'm so grateful we are friends. Please make her feel very welcome.

Leave a comment and I'll pick a winner next Monday to win a copy of Kuma.

The winner of Cecilia's Claim by Raven McAllan is Donna Hole. Congratulations!

Now on to this week's guest. Take it away, Kass...


Hi, welcome to Volkshire. In these mountains the moderate temperature is a balmy seventy degrees that spikes in the summer to the high nineties.  As you take a stroll through our town please note we do not have any mass produced retail chains. All shops are family owned and friendly.  The general store still has a malt shop as a matter of fact. But we are far from behind the times, that same shop serves a mean latte. The crime late is low, why our poor sheriff doesn’t have much do. That’s to be expected of course since we are all animals in our own right with exception to a few individuals but hey even they can hold their own.

That brings me to tell you about the major employer of the area, Volkshire Protection. It’s operated by the Blaidd’s. That family goes back several generations and the town was actually founded by our current Alphas  great , great grandfather, Pervus Blaidd.  We consider ourselves a progressive pack since some of our members are not wolf. There are bears, big cats and we have alliance pacts with various other clans but that’s pack business I won’t get into right now.  Of late there has been a bit of an upheaval within our pack and we have seen a few changes. Recently our Alpha, Scar, claimed a human, Fre, as a mate. Personally I think it’s a good match, that woman can weld a gun like nobody’s business.   Some shifters though are none too happy about that, but if Scar didn’t care before he most certainly won’t give a damn now.

Of course it seems that one claiming has set off another, like a domino effect.  Kuma, Scars brother, has set his sights on a mate of his own. Poor fella, Nix can be a handful on a pleasant day and downright ornery on all the others.  I’d say that poor bear has his work cut out for him. It’s amazing what a man will do for the love of a woman.

Want to know more? Here’s the blurb to Kuma.

Boris “Kuma” Blaidd was supposed to be Alpha of Volkshire. Instead he passed that mantel on to his brother and went looking for adventure as a sentential. He only came home at the request of his family to protect his nephew.

He never wanted a mate and didn’t expect to find her. Especially since she comes in a sexy, albeit skittish, package and has had her car trunk retrofitted to keep a cache of weapons. Boris knows who she is and what he must do. He simply has to take a stroll through hell to accomplish the feat.

Nix’s life has never been easy, but she has made it work one way or another. The only person she has ever truly trusted called her and she came guns drawn. Only she never expected to stay. She definitely didn’t expect to meet a hot bear disguised as a man who counters her every move with one of his own. Boris doesn’t play fair, making her want things she knows can never be. Now she wonders can they?

Except ~

“Screw you. Let’s just find this principal so I can put the hurting on him and we can move on to more pleasant things.” Nix grabbed the gun she’d left on the other side of the fence and pulled it through the hole. She brushed off her knees before rising. As she moved ahead of her friend, Fre grabbed her arm and swung her around.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

#SexySnippets No4 from The Black Heart

Happy Sunday, everyone. Welcome back to the Sexy Snippets hosted by The Nuthouse Scribblers.
The idea is for writers to post a 7-sentence snippet from your work-in-progress or published work and share the post using the hashtag #sexysnippets. You are welcome to join in, just go to to sign up for the next one.
This week I'm sharing another snippet from my current work-in-progress, a full-length paranormal romance The Black Heart. This week I've gone back to when Rahma was formally introduced to Idris, although it wasn't their first encounter. *sniggers* Also, here's a picture of how I envisioned Rahma. I hope you enjoy it.

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