Thursday, 25 August 2011

Sneak preview of WIP

Welcome back to ThrustyTM Thursday.

Gosh! Thursday comes around pretty quickly these days. I feel as if I only did a post a few hours ago. It’s been one thing or the other this week. And I’ve been shoulders deep in editing, not just one but two books.

As some of you know already, I’m currently working on a historical romance series set in pre-colonial West Africa (the region now known as south-east Nigeria). The stories deal lightly with cultural issues at play in those days – including arranged marriages, polygamy, the importance of lineage, etc. These issues make for interesting conflicts with heroes and heroines that don’t always play by the rules. But we like rule-breakers in fiction, don’t we?

Friday, 19 August 2011

Romantic Friday Writers - New Horizons

Hello readers, welcome back to Romantic Friday Writers. You will have to forgive me as I've been bogged down with writing and editing I've been unable to post regularly for RFW. It's redlines and deadlines for me at the moment.
This week's theme is New Horizons and I've chosen a snippet from one of my completed novels title The Tycoon's Spurned Bride. It is set in Lagos, Nigeria. In this scene, the heroine Ebony meets the hero Felix for the first time. Or so she thinks. I hope you enjoy it. Of course let me know what you think at the end.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Poll Results and Book Blurb

Hello Readers, last week I asked you to vote in a poll to decide what kind of excerpts you liked to read on this blog. You voted and the results are in. Thank you to everyone who voted and commented.

The question was ‘What kind of scenes do you like to read in excerpts?’
The choices were:

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Have your say in the Poll and HWB Excerpt 6

Welcome back to ThrustyTM Thursday.
Last week one of my readers contacted me to say that I had taken my foot off-the-ball with the last excerpt and it was too slow a scene. The comment gave me food for thought.

HWB is a steamy romance so the sexual tension between the two main characters is a key part of the story. It is also still a romance with a developing emotional journey between Kola and Tari. So while I will endeavour to post some of the best sizzling scenes on here, there will also be ‘slower’ scenes that don’t involve a lot of sexual tension.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Romantic Friday Writers - Voices

This week on Romantic Friday Writers the theme is voices. 
My submission is a piece of prologue I wrote a few weeks ago when an idea came into my head. It’s starts of a bit on the dark side but don’t worry it’s ultimately a romance. The title of the story is His Captive. But I also think this piece works well as flash fiction. So join me as we take a walk on the dark side on RFW.

Word Count: 399
                              Image is courtesy of

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Book Release Date and HWB Excerpt 5

Welcome back to ThrustyTM Thursday. This week I’m happy to announce the release date for my first book. It is a historical romance novella titled His Treasure and set in pre-colonial West Africa. The release date is 2 December 2011. Yay!
Can you tell I’m excited? LOL.

It’ll be out just in time for Christmas, so now you know what’s going on your list, right? Mark the date.
I’m especially excited about seeing the cover art and can’t wait for that. And of course I’ll be bringing you the latest news here as soon as I get it.
Before I forget, you can now sign up to receive my blog via email. Simply fill in the box in the right hand column. Thanks.
For now, let’s have a little bit more HWB. I hope you enjoy it.

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