Friday, 28 October 2011

The Healer’s Warrior WIP excerpt Part 2

My image of Ugo. The Protector by Sterling Brown 
This week I’m sharing an excerpt from my paranormal romance work-in-progress The Healer’s Warrior. To find out more about the story and read the first part of the excerpt, click on the link to go to yesterday’s post.

To read the other submissions for Romantic Friday Writers, go here. The theme for this week is Haunting in celebration of All Hallows Eve.

To read the other submissions for Weekend Dirty Dozen, go here. I’m sure there’ll be a few spooky stories with bite there too.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

The Healer’s Warrior WIP excerpt

My image of Ebube. Illustration by Jenny Dolfen
In honour of All Hallows Eve, I’m sharing an excerpt from my paranormal romance work-in-progress titled The Healer’s Warrior. This story is part of a paranormal series I hope will be published next year. It is set in medieval Iboland. Whilst I've based the story on certain Igbo mythologies and traditions, it is wholly a work of fiction and fantasy.

The story so far: Ugo is a young woman who has been ostracised by her community. She is an outcast living with her paternal grandmother on the edge of society. She is also gifted with healing powers. One day she finds a strange injured warrior, Ebube, in the dark forest. She patches him up temporarily and takes him home. That night she dreams a demon is going to attack Ebube. She wakes from her dream and tells her grandmother and Ebube. They both urge her not to worry, so she returns to sleep only to be woken later by her grandmother.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Whispers - snippet from His Treasure

Hi readers, this week I’ve got a double challenge.

The first 12 sentences of this snippet are for the Weekend Dirty Dozen blog hop. It is a blog fest for romance and erotic writers to share 12 sentences every weekend for promotional purposes on their websites and blogs of their new releases and WIPs. Please use the link when you’re done to visit the Facebook page or blog to see who else is participating in the hop.

For Romantic Friday Writers, each Friday members post 300-400 words of romantic prose or poem on own blog based on a theme for the week. This week’s theme is Whispers. Use the link to see other submissions for the week.

I’m sharing a snippet from His Treasure, my debut historical romance novella set in pre-colonial West Africa. It is published by Breathless Press and out in December 2011. Click here to read the blurb.

For this scene, Adaku is with her friend Ifeoma at the New Yam festival when she hears worrying rumors about her husband Obinna that could change their marriage.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Romantic Friday Writers - First Love

Hi all, I’ve been quiet on the blog for too long. In between trying to write book 3 of the Men of Valor series and completing line edits on Book 1 for a deadline on Sunday, I’ve come up for air. So you know I’m alive and well, albeit harassed.

This week the Romantic Friday Writers challenge is to post 400 words of flash fiction/excerpt/poem with the theme of First Love.

I am sharing a snippet from my second ever contemporary novel titled Reunited. This book is due out early next year – date to be confirmed. The story is in Lagos, Nigeria. This scene is part of the prologue. Ike Thomas, the hero, is a new graduate on youth service at Lara’s (the heroine) school as a geography tutor. Lara is a final year senior school student and develops a huge crush on him.

I’m sure a few of us can remember having crushes on young teachers at school. Well for Lara there’s a happy ever after, though it came ten years after this scene. I hope you enjoy this snippet.

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