Wednesday, 18 November 2015

She closed her eyes and the horror assaulted her #MWTease #ASMSG #amwriting #NaNoWriMo

Welcome back to Mid Week Tease, hosted by the lovely Sandra Bunino, where we tease you with excerpts from stories we're writing or already have published.

So for today's teaser I'm continuing from where we left off at last week's mid-week tease taken from Worthy my current WIP. This is a first draft and unedited. I hope you enjoy it.

“We both need to get as far away as possible from here." Anuli came over, sat beside Tessa on the edge of the bed and took her hand. "We have two options—head north to Enugu or south to Portharcourt. We don't know anyone in Enugu but I have a distant Uncle in PH that we could stay with, hopefully. We talked about this already."

Her friend squeezed her hand. Tessa sucked in a deep breath and swallowed hard before nodding. Running away would create its own problems but anywhere else had to be better than the nightmare of a gilded cage she currently lived in.

She closed her eyes and the horror assaulted her—hot sweaty hands, the press of suffocating weight on top of her, the cloying body musk. Her skin tightened as if she had thousands of ants crawling over it and her eyes flew open.

Fighting nausea, she jumped off the bed and snatched her back pack. "We need to go now."

Tessa rushed out of the room, not giving it another glance as Anuli followed her. She couldn't bear to be in this house anymore. Not another night. Not another moment. She barely breathed as they raced down the stairs. The thudding of their shoes against the concrete seemed to match the thumping of heartbeats. 
They descended halfway when the front door swung open. The hairs on her nape and arms lifted as she froze on the spot.

Copyright Kiru Taye 2015

I hope you enjoyed the teaser. Leave me a comment and come back next week for more.
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