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Historical Novelists Spring Book Fair

Welcome to the Historical Novelists Book Fair hosted by Francine at Romancing The Blog. It is an online 4-day book fair for lovers of historical fiction.

I'm showcasing my historical romance Men of Valor series set in pre-colonial West Africa. I hope you'll stay, browse and indulge yourself in some decadent romance from the land of dark chocolate. :) Feel free to ask questions, if you wish.

Meet my Men of Valor...

In a time when men ruled their households with firm hands, can a quiet man tame his rebellious wife with persevering love?

Angry at having to marry a man not of her choosing, Adaku stubbornly shuns her new husband on their wedding night. However, she soon discovers there are worse things than giving into a man whose touch awakens her deep desires. In a land where fruitfulness is celebrated, she could soon be labeled a barren woman.

Obinna knows there are several ways to tame a rebellious woman. Patience and perseverance are two of them. Adaku is his treasure and he will never let her go. When her fears push her into his arms, will he be able to convince her to stay with him forever by unleashing the passion within her?

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When a warrior seeks to claim a free-spirited woman, he soon discovers a tigress unwilling to be caged.As a young widow, Nneka yearns to be released from the obligations to her late husband’s family, and live as an independent woman. With a past colored by a brutal father, she’ll never yield to another man willingly, and will do just about anything to attain that freedom, including flouting the laws of the land. 

Ikem was unable to claim Nneka once because his lineage meant he wasn’t good enough. Now fate has given him another chance, but he quickly discovers that claiming this unpredictable wildcat is easier said than done. Will he be able to convince her that succumbing to their passion is the key to her freedom?

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With the weight of a kingdom on his shoulders and his honour at stake, can a Prince truly love a slave? 

Ezinne is dismayed when her mistress presents her to Prince Emeka as a concubine to cater for his every need for a few weeks. She’s a slave whose previous encounters with men make her fear their brutality.

Yet the more she gets to know the powerful yet honourable prince, the easier he breaks down the walls around her heart. She soon comes to want him more than she wants anything else, even freedom.

But Emeka is the heir to the throne and Ezinne is a woman with secrets that threaten not just their budding relationship but a kingdom.

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To say thank you to you for stopping by, I have a FREE historical romance short story for you to download. Her Protector (Men of Valor, book 3.5) is a prequel to the next book in the series. Here's the blurb.

When a warrior’s restraint is tested, will he do his duty to the kingdom or succumb to the lure of a maiden?

Oma should fear the fierce warrior whose captive she’s become after she is seized while spying. The penalty is the lash of his whip. The ache in her body is not from the sting of his flogger but from the scorching heat of his touch. Still, she has to resist him if she wishes to safeguard the secrets she hides.

Jide is the prince’s closest guard. His duty is to keep the royal family safe, so he should deliver instant justice to the spy in his chambers. Yet the intense fire in the eyes of his beautiful prisoner Oma stirs him beyond that of any other maiden in his past. When his self-control is tried which will he choose—hand her over for punishment or defy the prince and protect her?

You can download it FREE HERE.

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  1. I know so little about Africa that the books and stories you write sound so intriguing if not, just to learn more about this continent and the people that live there.

    1. Thank you, Michael. I hope you get to read one soon. :)

  2. Thank you for taking part, Kiru.

    I've missed you from the old days of sticking religiously to set word counts at RFW. ;) Lovely to see you've built a following for your novels, and your heroine's no walkover conquests.


  3. i Kiru! Not a push-over damsel in sight - and what beautiful names they all have! Good luck w your books!

  4. What a great website, love your book covers. It's been a treat to visit and see something completely different.

  5. Beautiful website Kiru! Its lovely to see something so different to the usual norm. Will be keeping this one in mind definitely!

  6. Enjoyed reading your excerpts, Kiru. Hmm. Hot. :> Your setting and historical background is very refreshing. I studied West African history in college, so these sound fun to read.

  7. Fab book covers, Kiru. Can't wait to read the Men of Valor series, they sound fascinating.

  8. Kiru,
    Your website is gorgeous and your books sound wonderful.
    Thanks for visiting my site during the Historical Novelists Book Fair, and I'm so glad I've found yours.

  9. Hi Kiru,

    I love the sound of your books, strong heroines and honorable warrior heroes are my fav :-)


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