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Have your say in the Poll and HWB Excerpt 6

Welcome back to ThrustyTM Thursday.
Last week one of my readers contacted me to say that I had taken my foot off-the-ball with the last excerpt and it was too slow a scene. The comment gave me food for thought.

HWB is a steamy romance so the sexual tension between the two main characters is a key part of the story. It is also still a romance with a developing emotional journey between Kola and Tari. So while I will endeavour to post some of the best sizzling scenes on here, there will also be ‘slower’ scenes that don’t involve a lot of sexual tension.

So this week I’d like to take a poll of what you as readers are interested in reading with regards to the excerpts. Please vote in the poll on the right hand column. Also, leave your comments as usual. Thank you.

Here is the excerpt for this week.


“My daughter is coming to stay for the weekend,” Kola said evenly.
Tari blinked several times as if someone had swatted her between the eyes. “Sorry, did you say your daughter? You have a daughter?” she coughed out.

“Yes. She is ten years old and I have to pick her up later from my ex,” his voice remained matter-of-fact as he held her gaze.
A sickening sensation curled in Tari’s stomach. Unfurling her hands from his, she slowly stood from where she knelt and moved back. Frowning, she wondered why the knowledge that Kola had a daughter should affect her. After all she’d accepted that he’d had previous sexual encounters. So what if he’d had a child from one of those encounters, why should it matter? All the two of them had planned was just sex anyway. She’d just told him she didn’t want a relationship, just his body. She was simply trying to dull the pain caused by her cheating fiancĂ©, right? So why couldn’t she shake the nauseous feeling in the pit of her stomach.

She turned back to face him. He just sat there watching her, his expression hooded.

“Did you love her?” She didn’t know when it slipped out but now she’d asked it, she dreaded the reply.

Something flickered in his eyes quickly and was gone before she could read it. Was it pain or anger?

“Your ex. The mother of your daughter. Did you love her?” She didn’t know why she needed to know but she did.
“No,” he said emphatically. This time she read the flicker in his eyes to be anger. “I told you already I don’t do love. What’s the point?”

It was a strange mix of relief and concern that washed over her. She was relieved that he didn’t love his ex. Somehow the thought that he’d loved the mother of his child left her feeling hurt. On the other hand, she couldn’t help but feel sad for him for never loving someone.

It was such an extreme to who she was. She was one person who seemed to fall in love over and over again. She loved the whole emotional thrill of falling in love. Maybe that was why she had chosen the kind of people she’d dated because she knew one day it would all end and she’d have to fall in love all over again.

Gosh, a psychotherapist would have a field day analysing my life.

A smile tugged her face and she pushed the thought away as another occurred to her. If his daughter was coming over, their time together alone would be more or less nonexistent.
“I guess if your daughter - what’s her name by the way?” she walked back to where he was sitting.

“Yes, so if Nike is coming over, does that mean I don’t get any alone time with you while she’s here?” she asked as she knelt back down in front of him with her best sexy smile. His face broke into a smile.

Was he relieved?
“Does that mean you don’t mind that she’s coming over?” he asked in return as he took her hands back in his large warm ones.

“I don’t mind as long as you make it up to me.” She looked at his groin again and licked her lips with a cheeky smile.

Pulling her up from her knees, he laughed in a warm low vibrating tone that touched her core. “I can think of a few ways of making it up to you.”
Without warning, he leaned forward and took her breast in his mouth through her dress and bit her nipple. She gasped and warm sensation assaulted her body. Pushing her legs apart with his knees, he thrust his index finger into her, his thumb playing with her hardened nub. Her body arched forward in exquisite response as she panted for more, her juices flowing down her thighs.

He leaned back and looked up at her face. With darkened eyes, he watched her as he took his finger out of her and dipped it into his mouth licking it.

“Oh so sweet and so wet,” he said as he licked his thumb too and groaned closing his eyes. When he opened his eyes they were the colour of the night. “There are some rules of play, Tari. Can you cope with them?”

“Of course I can. Just name them.” She wasn’t one for obeying rules but to have this man, she’d try.

“The first rule is you’re not allowed to wear any knickers or bras whilst you are here.”

Easy peasy.

She didn’t always wear a bra anyway and in the current heat of the day, not wearing knickers would be a bonus. Straddling his thighs, she nodded her head. Her body quivered from need. She moved her hand towards his chest but he held it in his.

“The second rule is you’re not allowed to touch me unless I tell you to. Do you agree?”

“Yes,” she said breathlessly. She just wanted him to touch her again. “Please.”

“Shhh.” He put his finger on her lips and without thinking she stuck her tongue out and licked it.

He shook his head and frowned, moving his finger from her lips. “Naughty naughty. What did I just say?”

She frowned in confusion as she racked her barely functioning brain trying to remember what he’d said.

“I’m not allowed to touch you unless you tell me to?”

“And what did you just do?” he raised his dark brow mockingly.

“I licked your finger. Oh, are tongues disallowed too? I’m sorry I won’t do that again. No tongues. No hands. I get it. Please can you touch me though? I’m dying here.” She was panting heavily now and she tried to hold her body still.

He chuckled. “If you disobey me, I won’t touch you and this whole thing comes to an end.” He took her hand and placed it on his erection pushing against his jeans. “Can you feel that? It’s all you baby. All you. And you won’t get any of it if you don’t obey my instructions.”

Her brain barely took in his words as she focused on his bulge. His erection felt hard and pulsating under her touch. Though it was still encased in his trousers, she could feel its heat.

“I’ll do whatever you say. Can I touch you, please?”

Remember to have your say in the poll and leave your comments as usual. Have a thrusty Thursday y'all.


  1. I appreciate everyone's entitled to their opinion but I think ebbing and flowing is a good thing in story-telling.
    Personally,I'm enjoying everything about HWB.

  2. Thank you, thewordsmythe. I'm glad you're enjoying the story so far.

  3. Hi Kiru - personally, I like all of 'em - however, it is sometimes harder to get involved as a reader in a full blown, balls-to-the-wall sex scene in a short segment. Sometimes they come across as as erotic and sexy, but just plain nasty. (Mind you, nasty can be awesome, too.)

    If you are going to post things of that nature on a regular basis, you'd better make your site 18 & over though, lest the Google blog police write you a ticket.

  4. Good point, Beverly. Sorting it out immediately. Thanks.

  5. I enjoyed this. If this little I saw here is this hot, what will the actual lovemaking be?

  6. Netty, thank you. Advice is to read while situated near a cooling machine. lol

  7. The tension is tangible in this excerpt. This first taste of your writing is impressive.

    Nice to meet you, Kiru!

  8. Hi J.M. thanks for stopping by. It's great to meet you too. I'm glad you like the excerpt. :o))

  9. Wow Kiru! Kola is turning into quite the dominant! :-)

  10. You can say that again, Manda. LOL

  11. I love the in-between, some emotions and some tension, lets leave the full lovemaking for the book. :)

  12. I do enjoy reading M rated stories such as your story chapter. Well written fiction... Its great you write this form well (I am still trying but poetry is my strength).

    I just don't go for extreme sex though.. but as long as the plot is interesting to me, I will continue reading the story.

  13. Hi Myne, thanks for sharing your opinion. I do agree. Though it seems some of my readers have tasted blood and want to take a bite. LOL

  14. Hi Heaven, thanks for stopping by. I will try to keep the plot interesting so you can keep reading. Cheers. KT

  15. This is the second time I've come across Kola and I think he's a very strong character. I voted in the poll, but just wanted to say I like when there are highs and lows, every scene can't be chock full of emotional intensity - it's exhausting. I like that you explore a range of emotion here with Tari's feelings about his daughter and ex, her uncertainty, as well as her obvious lust for him. They make a dynamic couple. Definitely would read their story!

  16. JL, it's such a relief to read your comment. Thank you.

  17. Wendy, i hope you found him. lol


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