Friday, 5 February 2016

Writing about an American dream turned nightmare. Meet @BSwanginWebster #authorchat #giveaway

Happy Friday, sweeties. I'm glad to welcome another author to my blog today for an interview. Please give a warm welcome to B. Swangin Webster as she talks about writing and her book, Let Me Just Say This.

Q1) Welcome to my blog, Sandra. Can you tell us a little about yourself
I am about to turn 50 and can’t wait to get my AARP card. I am the mother of 5 children and 9 beautiful grandchildren. Although my children are beautiful too. I am a lover of all shoes higher than five inches and wear them every day and all day. I am also the author of two novels and working on novels 3, 4 and 5 right now because I’m like a squirrel and can’t do just one thing at a time. I am a GREAT cook and just waiting for the Food Network to offer me a show. I even have a title for the show already, “Books and Cooks” pretty catchy, huh?

Where to find Sandra online: Facebook | Twitter

Q2) Have you always wanted to be an author?
Absolutely, I was never a child to play outside. I would read for hours and like most parents my mom and dad would make me STOP reading and FORCE me to go outside (isn’t that a form of child abuse, LOL) I would read books and then begin to think; I wonder if I would end the book like that and would rewrite the book to be what I wanted it to be.

Q3) Who are some of your favorite writers? Who do you feel has influenced your writing?
Some of my favorite authors are E. Lynn Harris, Trice Hickman, Jon Land, John Gilstrap, Jeffrey Deaver, James Patterson and Karen Slaughter. But it’s really too many to name because I love all books.
I would say that E. Lynn Harris was my biggest influence. His writing was so out of the box. I read Just as I Am in my early 20’s and fell in love. He wrote about things that people didn’t want to talk about at that time. This is why I wrote my novels.

Q4) Can you tell us what a typical writing day for you is like. 
My typical day begins around midnight. I’m an insomniac and can’t sleep most nights. So I use that time to plan out my day. I then walk the dog and then begin my ‘regular’ work day. (I work at a middle school) I then take lunch and begin writing or editing. When my regular work day ends, I begin my other job; which is an author and I will write for at least four hours. That isn’t set in stone but I have to write. Either on my blog, FB page, Twitter or in my novel. At that time, it’s time for dinner and I’ll cook and then go back to writing. After that, I have down time and I watch HGTV (my secret addiction) until midnight and then it starts all over.

Q5) Let’s talk about your new book.  Can you tell us a little about it?
My book is about a couple that lives the American dream but behind closed doors they are dealing with demons that, if known, could ruin them.

Where to buy the book: Amazon | B&N

Q6) How did you come up with the idea for this story?
This idea came to me as a high school assignment and the teacher graded me and told me that I should finish the story. I did just that and wrote it out by long hand on 11 yellow legal pads and then 30+ years later, it was published.

Q7) What is up next for you?
What’s next is completing my first romance novel and first mystery novel. Two things that I have never done but am enjoying.

Q8) What is the best piece of advice you would give to a budding writer?
Don’t let anyone tell you it’s impossible. If you want to write, write. If you want to write for your own enjoyment, than do it but also know that it is HARD being an author. Every, “NO,” will hurt but when you get the, “YES,” it will be like giving birth to a new baby.

Q9) What is the next book on your To Read Pile that you are dying to jump into?
The next books are Trice Hickman’s Deadly Satisfaction and Jeffrey Deaver’s The Steel Kiss.

Q10) Is there anything else you would like to add?
That it has been a pleasure stopping by and that I hope everyone checks me out on Twitter, FB and downloads my novels. I also visit book clubs, and travel to meet readers. I do Facetime visits and I love to take selfies with my readers.

Favorite Quiz

Favorite city: Las Vegas

Favorite beverage: Malibu, cranberry and sprite

Favoriteplace you’d like to visit: Rio Da Janeiro

Favorite place to write: In my small closet, turned writing space

Favorite hobby: Shopping for shoes and spending time with my grandchildren

Favorite movie: I don’t watch movies

Favorite book: Any book by E .Lynn Harris

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