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Book Release Date and HWB Excerpt 5

Welcome back to ThrustyTM Thursday. This week I’m happy to announce the release date for my first book. It is a historical romance novella titled His Treasure and set in pre-colonial West Africa. The release date is 2 December 2011. Yay!
Can you tell I’m excited? LOL.

It’ll be out just in time for Christmas, so now you know what’s going on your list, right? Mark the date.
I’m especially excited about seeing the cover art and can’t wait for that. And of course I’ll be bringing you the latest news here as soon as I get it.
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For now, let’s have a little bit more HWB. I hope you enjoy it.

               My muse Tyson Beckford. Photo courtesy of

After leaving Tari’s room, Kola walked into his study and slammed the door shut. He felt bad on several fronts because of her. Anger as well as adrenaline coursed through his blood. He needed to get into his gym and flatten his punch bag. Instead he paced the enclosed space of his study, his thoughts churning in his head.


Why had he allowed her taunting to rile him enough for him to lose grip on his self control? There was never an occasion in the past when he had lost his cool. No woman ever had been so good or attractive that he hadn’t been able to walk away when he wanted. Yet within a few hours of being in Tari’s company he’d been panting like a dog that needed to rut badly. He should’ve known she would needle him and push him to do what she wanted. It was her trademark tactic. After over ten years of not being in close contact with her, he thought he’d grown some resistance to her wiles. Obviously not. He hadn’t been able to resist her all those years ago. It seemed he would never be able to resist her.

Heaving a huge sigh, he walked over to the window and he looked out onto the back garden and the pool. The bright hot afternoon sun reflected off the surface of the clear water. It shimmered from the heat. It reminded him of the shimmering heat that exuded off Tari any time she was close to him. Even when he’d been in the coolness of the pool earlier, he had still felt her warmth. And it had driven him to cross the line with her. The invisible line that had always separated them in the past was now wiped out. It was his fault.

He knew that there could never been anything more than sex between them. And that was his second problem. Tari was known for her tumultuous love affairs. She fell in love with people hard and fast only for things to go wrong later. It didn’t help that she seemed to pick losers anyway. Still the last thing he wanted was her falling in love with him. He didn’t want to end up being classified as one of those assholes she’d dated in the past. Or worse still, he didn’t want to hurt her. He had always protected her, always made sure no one harmed her.

Who was going to protect her from him?

He was no good for her. He had nothing to give her except his body and great sex. He didn’t have a heart – a loving heart. At least not the way that other people had them. He didn’t need a loving heart to function. He’d survived well without it. If she just wanted sex he’d be happy to oblige her. She had the sexiest body he’d seen by miles.

He wanted her badly. Even as he stood there he was fighting to control his body before he made the necessary phone call.

However, he’d broken his own number one rule of having sex – no kissing. This left him with a huge dilemma. Now that he’d tasted her sweet lips, he wanted to keep kissing her but he couldn’t. And he wouldn’t. It would be unfair to her and to him. It would only complicate things even further. He needed no further complications. He had plenty of those already.

Walking back to his mahogany desk, he sat down in the leather chair. He took his phone out of his pocket, pressed the call button and stiffened his spine. This was one person he didn’t want to speak to right now. Yet he couldn’t avoid the call. When the person on the end picked up, he spoke.

“Why did you call me?” he didn’t bother with any pleasantries.

“Is that any way to speak to the mother of your child?” was the disgruntled response back.

“Sarah, I’m not in the mood for your games. What do you want?” he reinforced the steel in his voice.

“Oh well, if you are going to be rude I’ll put the phone down. I guess you don’t want to see Nike then,” Sarah replied sulkily.

Kola sat up in his chair as his heart leapt into his mouth. “What’s wrong? Is she alright?”

“She is fine but...” He could sense his ex-girlfriend’s satisfied smile on her voice as she trailed off.

“What is it? Spit it out.” He was close to losing his temper at her stupid games.

“It’s just that I have an engagement this weekend and I wondered if she could stay with you. Just for the weekend of course,” Sarah said, her voice dripping with saccharin.

He let out a frustrated sigh. He’d been trying to arrange regular visits from his daughter with his ex for weeks and she’d been fobbing him off. Now out of the blue, she’d called him only because she needed someone to babysit the girl. He didn’t mind, though it definitely messed up his own weekend plans. He was just sad his daughter had to be shunted from one place to another. In any case, he was happy for his daughter to come to his instead of going to who knows where else.

“Fine. I’ll come and pick her up this evening. Have her ready.”

Kola switched off his phone and stood up. His weekend just got a little bit more complicated.


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  1. I have marked my calendar. Can't wait. Congratulations Kiru!

  2. Hi Kiru,

    So happy for you, you have a great vibe:)

    I love Tyson, how hot is he? I would happily lay my worries on that chest:)

  3. Hi N. Amma,

    It's great to see you here after so long. Thank you for your best wishes. I can't wait either.


  4. Hi Elaine,

    Thank you. It's your turn soon.
    Isn't Tyson just yummy. ;)


  5. Congrats again Kiru :-D It is all so very exciting!

  6. Nice! Glad things are rolling along smoothly with the book.

    Kola Kola Kola. I like where he acknowledges breaking his #1 rule - no kissing. Trouble ahead. :-)

  7. Hi D, It's just fabulous! :o))

  8. Think-About-It, thank you. Mucho trouble ahead. lol

  9. Hi Kiru, nice to see you are so active in here. Congratulations with your great success.... the first of many!

  10. Hi Martie, it's great to see you on here. Thank you so much. I appreciate your continued support.

  11. Hello Kiru.
    I don't think I'll ever tire of this story. ;-)
    Kola certainly has his hands full. I take it Tari doesn't know he has a kid either?
    BIG trouble is brewing on the horizon.

    Laughing...Tyson Gibson looks good, but he doesn't have anything on me! (lol)

    Congratulations again! Hope you're going to wet our taste-buds with another excerpt.

  12. COngratulations on the upcoming release!

    And Kola....just got his weekend messed and complicated, now what'll he do?

  13. Hi Andy,

    There's double trouble for Kola's weekend. lol

    Thank you. More excerpts soon.


  14. Thank you, Nas.

    Yes, Kola's weekend is looking dicey. Come back for more soon. :o))

  15. Beautifully knitted with a feel like the breeze that date palms sway to on the beach.


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