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Thrusty Thursday - News and HWB Excerpt 4

This week on ThrustyTM Thursday I’m sharing some good news. Well, if you’ve been following my FB updates or tweets then it’s not so new to you.
The news: I’ve been offered a publishing contract for one of my historical romance novellas. Yay! In fact, as I type this, the contract is open on my desktop. Pages of legalities that boil down to one phrase – my work has been recognised as good enough to be put on a bookstore shelf alongside other great romance books out there for customers to buy.

You know what? It’s a fantastic feeling to have a publisher validate my near obsessive yearning to write and be published. In fact, I don’t think words are enough to describe the incredible feeling of elation and relief.

Giving up work for a year and practically having no money of my own hasn’t all been for nothing. I’m not mad, after all. LOL.

So whilst I’m overjoyed, this is by no means the end of the story. It’s only the beginning. There are plenty more highs to come, I hope. More books, more sales, and of course my ultimate dream, making it to the top of the bestseller lists.
In the meantime, I want to say a big THANK YOU for staying with me this far in my writing journey. Knowing that there are people waiting to read my books has spurred me on and kept me sane even in moments of panic. I hope you’ll hang in there with me for the rest of the ride. It should be fun.

To celebrate, I’ve got another excerpt of HWB.
BE WARNED: It contains sexual scenes and explicit language.

So without further ado, here it is.


                                Image courtesy of It's a

At the sound of fabric rustling, Tari opened her eyes to find Kola pulling his t-shirt over his head. The movement drew her attention to the ever-swelling bulge pushing against his jeans. She couldn’t wait to have it stretching her insides, filling her up. Noticing her gaze on him, he grinned wolfishly at her.

“You like watching people, don’t you?” his voice was low and gravelly as he rubbed his palm against his bulge and it seemed to swell even further.

Suddenly unable to speak as her mouth dried out, she shook her head and licked her lips. Her heart pounded in her chest with expectation.

His deep laughter bounced off the walls, rumbling through her body. A slight tug of her silk-tie bound wrists left her breasts feeling heavier and her core pulsing with blatant need, her juices running free down her thighs.

“Don’t lie to me, Tari. I’ll walk away and you’ll never get to find out what this feels like inside you. I bet you’re getting wet just watching me do this.”

She nodded this time, the thought of not having more of him eliciting a quicker response from her. She couldn’t deny it anyway. Just watching Kola stand there in nothing but his low-riding jeans trousers, his hand covering the swell of his erection was enough to get her aroused all over again. Her body had barely recovered from the massive orgasm she just had.

“You’ve been a naughty girl, Tari. I knew you were watching me earlier. Weren’t you?”

“Yes,” she whispered hoarsely suddenly wanting him to take his trousers off and touch her all over again. Trembling with need, she squeezed her legs together to soothe the ache between them. It didn’t help. The fact that she couldn’t touch him increased her ache. She wanted him inside her. Now.

“Tut tut tut. Do you know what happens to naughty girls?” He moved his fingers to the buttons on his jeans and her eyes stayed focused there. She wanted to see him. All of him. He paused, looking at her, waiting for her to answer.

“Do you?” He persisted.

“No.” She licked her lips thinking about what his skin would taste like. She wanted to feel his tongue again plunging into her mouth.

“In that case I’m going to show-,” he didn’t finish and froze instead.

He moved his hand to his back pocket and pulled out a phone that was flashing and obviously vibrating.


With his darkened eyes still watching her, he pressed the call answer button. Without waiting for the person on the line to speak, he barked into the phone. “I’ll call you back shortly.” Then he switched off the phone and put it back in his back pocket.

Tari wondered who had been on the other end as he walked to her and undid the knotted tie around her wrists. Without saying a word he lifted her up into his arms and carried her upstairs into her bedroom in long strides surprising her by his gentle actions. She simply held on tightly to his neck enjoying the feel of his bare chest on her skin. In the bedroom, he placed her gingerly in the bed.

“Do you have a robe?” he asked, his eyes searching her room.

Nodding her head she replied, “In the wardrobe.”

She just lay there and watched him open the wardrobe, taking out her silk robe. Slipping it on her, he even tied the belt around her waist. Then he placed a kiss on her forehead before straightening up.

“I’m sorry,” his only words before he walked out of her room and shut the door behind him.

Tari sat on the bed, her arms wrapped around her body, suddenly feeling cold and wondering what Kola was sorry about.
So who else has some news? Please share your news or thoughts with us.
Have a thrusty Thursday, y'all!


  1. Hi,

    Woo hoo. Congratulations!! ;)


  2. Yay on the contract! :-)

    Nooooooooo!!!! on the excerpt! You have to give me more! You've left poor Tari and me high and dry! You're mean!

    :-) Bring on the next thrusty Thursday! LOL! Love that label!

  3. Thanks, Francine!

    Amanda, you have to blame Kola for being so noble. Not my fault at all. LOL. Thank you. ;)

  4. Great news and hearty congratulations Kiru! First steps of your dream being realised and the efforts of your hard work being rewarded. You're flying now and keep soaring!

  5. loving this tantalizing aperitif..

  6. Do you really mean we have to wait another 7 days for the next instalment?

    Congrats on the validation.

  7. First off, congrats on the book deal! Giving up work was a very bold step. Kudos.

    Girl you didn’t lie! The previous chapters were definitely safe. Kola is definitely not what I expected from the first couple of chapters. So there was a hidden dragon underneath, ehn? I liked how he was in charge here. Gotta love almost-sex-scenes.

    A couple of thing to note:
    -“Do you?” (h)e persisted
    I’m pretty sure ‘he persisted’ should act as a speech tag, so you need a small h.

    -“In that case I’m going to show-,” he didn’t finish and froze instead.

    Definitely don’t combine a dash and a comma. And I’d recommend an em dash instead of a single dash. Finally, the use of the dash conveys the same idea as the descriptor ‘he didn’t finish’. You can therefore get rid of the descriptor, and just go the the action, which I think has a stronger effect.

    So you’ll have something like:

    “In that case I’m going to show—” He froze, then reached into his back pocket...


  8. I'm loving this. Yay to thrusty Thursdays!
    Congrats on your publishing offer. It certainly is nice to be validated and to know that your self belief and hard work is paying off.

  9. This is so hot! I couldn't go on o, or put myself in trouble, lol...

  10. Ritchie, thank you.

    Uche, it's great to see you here. I'm glad you like it.

  11. Anonymous, 7 days not that far away. ;)

    Empire76, thanks for the corrections.

  12. Adura Ojo, thank you. I hope you come back for more.

    Myne, haba... which kind of trouble again? lol

  13. Congratulations on the contract! Yay!

    Will wait eagerly for Tari to come back on Thursday!

  14. Congrats! I'm very happy for you. :-D

  15. Congrats on your contract and yes, you do write passionate romance. I wanted to read more. What happened to put him off, etc.?

  16. Congrats and am certainly looking forward to the book(s)
    And not fair with the except......too short

  17. Go Kiru! Go Kiru! Go Kiru! Go go go go go go :D

    Congratulations again girl. You deserve every good thing that comes your way. Hard work really does pay off :)

  18. Woo-hoo, congratulations! Couldn't be happier (for someone else. I admit, I could be happier, if it was me, lol!)

    Thrusty Thursdays - at first I thought that was a typo, but it wasn't, in a very good way. Or bad way.

    Loved this post. :-)

  19. Congrats on the contract.

    OMG this was such a great excerpt. Man, do I want him . .


  20. You already know about me and Kola, so Kiru, let me save THAT comment, lol. And you already know what I think about your good news!! One year is no joke, babes, I'm glad it's finally paid off. See you at your book signing!! (I'll be first on the queue lol)

  21. Hi Kiru. Congratulations on the contract! Great news! Your dedication and talent has reaped you rewards. Can't wait to read more. Loved your excerpt. Novel idea to have 'phone interruptus.'

    Should you need publicity support, I'm sure many of your followers will be ready to host you on their blogs if you should wish it.


  22. Thank you everyone for your kind wishes! More HWB back on thursday.

    Beverly, i hope you get one too soon.

    Denise, thank you. I would be grateful for any help. :o))

  23. OOOOOOOk. You got me hooked.

    Thursday it is then.

  24. Congrats Kiru!
    I'm enjoying your style of writing. Would love to read more so I'm glad u got that nod. All the best!

  25. Thank you, Shaifamily and Think-About-It. I really appreciate it.

  26. Hello Kiru.
    Congratulations on the contract! Good things do happen to those of us who work hard!

    Now to this excerpt...I almost missed this part. My work schedule has been crazy and I haven't visited much.

    What a tease you are to only give us so much. I love your storytelling. You held my attention from from excerpt 1. These two are too hot for each other. I don't think they have anything in common except lust. Great visuals, especially with the phone interrupt. Can't even begin to imagine what might have happened otherwise! Keep them coming, I'm on board!

  27. Hi Andy,

    Thank you so much. I appreciate your kind words.

    Kola and Tari are certainly in-lust. They've only been together for less than a day, so it's no sweeping love affair yet. LOL



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