Thursday, 11 February 2016

What was this crazy deal her father had struck? #teaser #comingsoon #amwriting

So I'm back in my writing cave finishing off Bound to Ransom, Bound series book 2. For those of you who've read book 1, Bound to Fate, you'll know this is Gloria and Henry's story. I've got a teaser for you. Read on heart emoticon
PS: This is a first draft and unedited.



He patted Gloria’s hand and stood up. “I’m going to head off now.”
“Okay, I’ll grab my things, Daddy,” she said as she stood up and picked up her bag.
Her father heaved a sigh. “No, Princess.” He met her startled gaze. “Remember what we discussed. Henry signed the papers taking over Rawlins Constructions. The deal is effective immediately. This means you’re not coming home with me.”
“I’m not?” Gloria’s voice squeaked as her wild gaze went from Daddy to Henry and back again.
“No, Princess. You belong to him now. If you come home, the deal is voided and Mr Coker will repossess everything. I’m sorry.”
“No!” Gloria grabbed her dad and hugged him tight, not wanting to let go. Tears burned the back of her eyes. What was this crazy deal her father had struck? Was she never to see him again?
Daddy pulled back and his eyes appeared glassy. “You’re going to be alright.”
He brushed his lips against her forehead before turning away. “I’ll see myself out, Coker.”
A lump lodged in her trachea as she watched her father walk out of Henry's office.



Since the death of her mother, Gloria Rawlins' life has been a string of disappointments by the people she cares about; first by her father and then in a series of disastrous relationships that have shattered pieces of her heart one after another. She knows she's no angel and refuses to make herself vulnerable to anyone again. Until one man threatens to strip away the wall shielding her heart.
Henry Coker is not afraid of challenges. Abandoned by his father and raised by a single mother, he's had to work hard from the bottom up to prove himself to his peers and the world. But Gloria, the one person he desires above all others remains out of reach until an opportunity presents itself and he has the chance to buy her from her father.
Despite their incongruous arrangement, desire like theirs cannot be hidden and passion sizzles between them. But making someone fall in love may just be a challenge too far.
Bound to Ransom is a story about breaking the cycle of self-destruction, finding redemption and the powerful love that endures.

Bound to Ransom is coming March 2016.

Haven't read Bound to Fate? Click here to grab your copy

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