Sunday, 27 December 2015

The forbidden nature thrilled him #sexysnippets #asmsg Bound to Fate #comingsoon

Happy Sunday and welcome back to Sexy Snippets.
This is a fun weekly meme where we share 7 sentences from a published book or work in progress. Feel free to join us by adding your sexy snippets post link HERE or check out the page on Facebook or Twitter.

Today, I bring you a snippet from Bound to Fate (Bound Series, book 1). You can check out last week's snippet HERE.
He pressed the button on the intercom. “Jane, I’m not to be disturbed for the next hour.”
“Okay, sir,” Jane replied through the speaker.
He straightened and turned to face Lara.
“Come here,” he said as he leaned against his desk. What he was about to do, he’d never done in his office before. The forbidden nature thrilled him, reawakening the reckless part of him he'd locked away when he'd donned the suit of duty and responsibility.
All because of Lara.
She strode across to him, her hips swaying in a seductive manner.

I hope you enjoyed this. Come back next week for more.
In the meantime, check out the other sexy snippets.

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