Sunday, 3 January 2016

He reached for her nape #sexysnippets #asmsg Bound to Fate #comingsoon

Happy New Year and welcome to 2016!
This is the first sexy snippets of the year.This is a fun weekly meme where we share 7 sentences from a published book or work in progress. Feel free to join us by adding your sexy snippets post link HERE or check out the page on Facebook or Twitter.

Today, I bring you a snippet from Bound to Fate (Bound Series, book 1). You can check out last week's snippet HERE.
This is a first draft and unedited.
She strode across to him, her hips swaying in s seductive manner. She had a feline grace to her movements. His pulse rate ratcheted up another gear, his heart thumping hard against his chest.  Blood rushed to his cock, swelling it and it strained against the fly of his trousers.
He hadn’t even touched her and his body was ready to explode. His fingers itched to touch her.

She stopped at arm’s length and he leaned forward, placed his left hand on her arm and dragged her forward until she collided with his body. He reached for her nape with his right hand and tilted her head back as he lowered his.

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I hope you enjoyed the snippet. Come back next week for more.
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