Friday, 28 December 2012

Top 10 Books of 2012. What’s yours?

Welcome back, everyone. I hope you had a fun relaxing time over the holidays. It's time to reflect on 2012 and prepare for 2013.

In this post I'm looking back at some of my favourite reads of 2012 and looking forward to a new year of fantastic books.

For a lady with over 700 eBooks on my Kindle and that doesn’t include the ones on my Kobo eReader or the paperbacks, reading is an integral part of who I am.

This year I’ve read some great books. Here are some of my favourites in cover:
Onaedo – The Blacksmith’s Daughter by Ngozi Achebe (historical fiction)
Unbound by April Vine (paranormal romance/erotic)
Fire Baptized by Kenya Wright (Urban Fantasy)
Temptation Rising by A.C. Arthur (paranormal romance)
Be My Everything by Ella Jade (erotic romance)
When One Night Isn’t Enough by Wendy S. Marcus (contemporary romance/medical)
The Wild Heart by Gina Rossi (historical fiction with romantic elements)
Trinity by Deena Remiel (paranormal romance)
Wildfire by Yazmin Subha (paranormal romance)
A Hard Man to Love by Delaney Diamond (contemporary romance/multicultural)

Books I’m looking forward to reading in 2013:

Scar by Kassana (paranormal romance)
Masks of a Tiger by Doris O’Connor  (erotic paranormal)
Betrayed by Claire Robyns (historical romance)
Night Dancer by Chika Unigwe ( contemporary fiction)
Closer Than A Brother by Nkem Ivara (contemporary romance)
Distracted by J. L. Campbell (Women Fiction)
Illusion of Safety by Rhonda Hopkins (romantic suspense)
What’s been your favourite read of 2012 and what are you looking forward to reading in 2013? Share please. Have a great weekend.


  1. Wow I must say that you can read over 700 ebooks in your kindle I don't even have that much. Well will compile my favorite read soon. I think I will check out some of these your read n get me a few.

    1. My dear, I've got too many books and not enough time to read them. :)

  2. Aww, thanks, Kiru! It's so lovely to see my book up there as one you're looking forward to reading in the New Year.

    I'm almost embarrassed to admit to how many books I've read this year. It's a mind-boggling number.

    May the New Year bring you much joy and fulfillment.

    1. Naughty, naughty! Well, I can't tell you off for reading but you've got write too. I'm also waiting for the sequel to CtaB.

  3. Kiru these are some awesome books. I'm reading a very hot paranormal number right now (darkness Awakened). I'm so ashamed to admit how much my reading has suffered because I've been working so hard to get this company off the ground. I read Distractions halfway too (**sigh**) and still have to get back to it when I can give undivided attention. I still haven't even done the promised review ***hidesfaceinshame***
    Have a fabulous 2013 Kiru and may all your wishes and dream gains God's speed in 2013.

    1. Darkness Awakened is currently in my TBR list. Hopefully I'll get to read it in the new year. I can totally understand. Starting up a new business is not an easy feat, especially with a baby in tow.

      All the best for the New Year!

  4. Huzzah for Distraction! That's a great book.

  5. Ah, I made it on your list for next year :-D I don't care count my tbr pile, and I just keep adding to it. Too many great books, too little time

  6. Hi, Kiru,

    you've read some interesting books this year. I want to read the Blacksmith's Daughter and Delaney's book. Getting another Kindle next week so I'll be back in business. Hope you enjoy mine. Happy New Year to you and yours when it comes.

    1. Same to you, Joy and happy reading in the New Year.

  7. Now these are interesting books and sadly I have not read any of them.

    My favorite read this year was "In the Land of Invisible women" by Qanta Ahmed.

    Happy new year in advance

    1. Will have to check out In the Land of Invisible Women. Thanks for stopping by, Lara.

  8. Happy New Year Kiru. You've read some great looking books last year. I read over 100 books. I aim to review more books this year, especially blogger's books. The Big Names don't need my reviews!

    1. Thank you, Denise. I look forward to your book reviews.


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