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Shocking Fetishes by Delaney Diamond

Today I'm so excited to be hosting Delaney Diamond on her Here Comes Trouble blog tour. She is one of my favourite new authors of multicultural romance. This is her second time here on my blog and I love having her as I'm sure you readers do to. 
Please make her feel welcome. Leave a comment for a chance to win her book.
Over to you, Delaney.

11 Shocking Fetishes I Bet You Never Heard Of

A fetish is an obsession with anything that causes a habitual erotic response or fixation. Foot fetishes are one of the most popular fetishes, and it’s quite common for men to have. In Here Comes Trouble, I gave Matthew Hawthorne a foot fetish. He likes to suck toes. As I did my research, I found out there are literally dozens of fetishes, and some of them are so unusual I had to share them with you. I had only heard of two of them on this list. Below is my list of eleven, in alphabetical order. Get ready to be educated!

1.     Acrotomophilia. People who are turned on by someone else who has a missing arm or leg.
2.     Agalmatophilia (aka Mannequin Love). These people are sexually attracted to mannequins, dolls, or statues.
3.     Autoandrophilia. These are women who get turned on by dressing up as, and imagining themselves as, men.
4.     Dacryphilia. Do you get turned on by tears? Then this is your fetish.
5.     Golden showers. As a form of foreplay, some men like to watch women urinate. In addition, some men like to urinate on women before they have sex with them.
6.     Hematolagnia. This occurs when someone gets turned on by using or drinking blood.
7.     Mechanophilia. This occurs when someone is sexually attracted to a machine such as a helicopter or motorcycle.
8.     Paraphilic Infantilism. Apparently there are a lot of men out there (mostly men do this) who enjoy wearing diapers and pretending to be an infant.
9.     Salirophilia. This is often part of domination/submission fantasies. These fetishes involve getting someone dirty during sex, such as smearing their makeup, covering them in mud, or messing up their hair.
10.  Somnophilia. Men who get aroused by watching their partners sleep have this one.
11.  Ursusagalmatophilia(aka Plushies/Furries). These people get turned on by dressing up as animals and connecting with other furries.


Who doesn’t love a bad boy?
Lorena Vega knows better than to have anything else to do with Matthew Hawthorne. Then he comes to her and asks for her help in writing a proposal for a grant to benefit the community center where he volunteers. She agrees to do the work, but she has her guard up, because having Matthew in her life again is a problem she doesn’t need.
Matthew still carries some guilt from when he hurt Lorena. Seeing her again for the first time in months makes him realize what a huge mistake he made, and he wants another chance to be the kind of man she deserves. He’s determined to win her back and prove he’s not the player he used to be, and nothing will stand in his way.
Not even the new man in her life.


“You look nice,” he said, keeping his voice neutral. “That color suits you.”
“Thank you.”
He hated the sound of that frigid tone.
Positioned in the corner where the credenza and desk met, she wasn’t even looking at him—simply staring at some spot on the desk, as if she wished he wasn’t there. He wanted a reaction. He needed to know something of what they’d shared hadn’t completely died because of his inconsiderate treatment of her. He needed to know he still had a shot at making her his, despite the slick new man in her life.
When he moved to step away, he let his arm brush against the side of her breast. His movement almost backfired. A wave of lust crashed over him, and he bit down on his lower lip to force back a moan and cursed his swelling penis as it ached even more to get at her.
Lorena drew a sharp breath. “You did that on purpose.”
“Did what?” Matthew asked innocently. As if he didn’t know.
“I’ve warned you already.”
“Yes, you have,” he agreed. “I’m so doggone hardheaded.”
“Yes, you are.” Lorena swallowed hard. His touch had rattled her. Her nipples ached from the slight contact, and it took tremendous effort not to rub up against him to soothe the tightened buds. She lowered her gaze and fiddled with the pencil in her hand, needing to look away from him for a moment to bolster her nerves. Reinforced, she looked him right in the eyes. “You’re not allowed to touch me.”
Why did saying the words “touch me” suddenly make her suffer from shortness of breath? Perhaps it was the heat that flared in the dark pools of Matthew’s eyes because he’d felt the intimacy of the words, too. He walked slowly over to the opposite wall, shoving his hands into his pockets, and casually leaned back against it while his gaze devoured her in the deafening silence.
“I’m not?” he asked.
“No, you’re not,” she said firmly. She had to set the ground rules for this to work.
“I think we have a problem then. Because I’ve been here all of two minutes…” His tongue dragged along the seam of his mouth, moistening his thick lips. His gaze settled on her breasts, and her nipples tightened even more. “And I keep wanting to touch you. I keep wanting to get up under that dress.”

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  1. Hi Kiru! Thank you for being a host during my blog tour. I'm looking forward to talking with your readers.

  2. Hi Delaney, it's great to have you back on my blog. Make yourself at home. I'm looking forward to reading your new book.

    I've got a question: How did the idea for the series come about?

    1. I like series books and wanted to write one of my own. It was important to me that each book be a stand alone, even though it's one continuing story about the Hawthorne siblings, developments in their lives, their relationship with each other, and how they each reach their happily ever after.

      I've grown a little attached to them and I've enjoyed writing each book and giving each person a distinctive personality.

  3. Lol! Whew, so glad I don't have to list my fetish(s)! I have to say - very intersting list! There were plenty of weird ones to me...but the one that jumped out the most and had me going "what?" was -Ursusagalmatophilia. Nice post!

    1. I had heard about plushies (in fact, the sister of a friend of mine is a plushy) and golden showers. The rest...nope. Very interesting...

  4. I had heard of all of those before I just never realized they had big long scientific names. LOL!
    Thanks for posting the excerpt from your book!

    1. You're very knowledgeable, Carin. Lol. These were new to me. And is it just me, or does Somnophilia seem a little creepy?

  5. I am so glad you shared some interesting facts !
    I am one of your fans now !!!

  6. I have foot fetish to be very frank !! I love good feet !! If I feel the feet are attractive i get attracted to the female more often than not !!! Its a frank confession !

  7. Rahul, foot fetishes are not so unusual, so you're definitely not alone. There is a high concentration of nerve endings in the feet. They're considered an erogenous zone, so I'm sure your significant other is quite happy you like feet. :)

  8. delaney i'm with you i heard only of 2 of the fetoshes my self and that is a huge education thanks for sharing signed micheleann oboyle

  9. You're welcome, Michele. I couldn't keep it to myself. :0)

  10. Hi Delaney. I'm new to the Hawthorne series, as I just finished book 1 last week. I'm looking forward to catching up with the rest of the books. That's an interesting list of fetishes. One of the LA senators is guilty of #8. LOL

  11. Hi Delaney! That's an interesting list of fetishes. I've heard of most by their common, not scientific names. One of the LA senators is guilty of #8. LOL

  12. Hi Delaney. My thoughts were on spanking. This list is interesting to say the least.

  13. Paraphilic Infantilism jumped out at me because a congressman from my home state was outed with this by his mistress. I had forgotten the term until now!

  14. I must say that is one interesting list...
    I'VE HEARD OF #'S 11,8,2&6...
    I think #'s 5&6 are a bit on the nasty side... I've never heard of #'s 10,9,4,3&1 before now... I must say that i can relate some to #7 (i think a motorcycle can be sexy as heck)but i'm not sexually aroused by it...
    Thanks for the new knowledge...

  15. These two sound like quite a pair.
    Interesting fetishes, and like you promised a lot of them are new to me.

  16. This is some list and very interesting.


  17. MKL, thank you for your purchase. I hope you enjoy the other books in the series.

    I appreciate everyone stopping by and leaving comments. I'm glad you all found this as interesting as I did. I also find it interesting that both of you mentioned politicians guilty of #8. Hmmm...Why am I not surprised that politicians act like babies? Lol.

    Well, the winner from Day 1 of my book tour is...Carin! Congratulations. Carin, please send me an email with your book of choice (excluding Here Comes Trouble) and the format you'd like your ebook in. (delaneydiamond @

    To the rest of you, thanks again, and remember you have another chance to win tomorrow, so I'll see you at the next stop!


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