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You fascinate me - Making Scandal #MidWeekTease #MWTease #ASMSG

Welcome back to Mid-Week Tease hosted by the lovely Sandra Bunino, where writers share teasers from our work-in-progress or published books.

Last week, we met Faith and saw her perspective on Mark (from Making Scandal). If you've read Keeping Secrets, then you probably wonder what happened between the two of them the night they all met up with Felix and Ebony for the first time. Well, wonder no more. Here's a teaser from that scene. It is unedited.


"Why didn't you return my call?" Mark asked after the waiter had taken their drinks orders.
"I've had a very busy week at work," Faith said, lifting her shoulder in a blasé shrug in an attempt to mask the more than casual sensations twirling in her belly.
"Is that the real reason or are you avoiding me?"
She glanced at him and lowered her gaze to the table, not wanting him to see how much he affected her.
"I'm not avoiding you, although I think we don't really have anything more to say to each other."
His hand settled on her left thigh, branding her with strength and heat, her fitted linen pencil skirt providing little protection for her awakening skin.
"There's still plenty we haven't said to each other. So much about you that I want to find out."
"You fascinate me. You're such a ball of contradictions. As a business professional, I know you're capable, bold and ambitious. But last week I saw uncertainty and vulnerability within you standing in that alcove and it makes me want to take you into my arms and protect you."
"Oh—kay." Feeling embarrassed she looked away. "You're very direct, aren't you?"
The waiter returned with their drinks and left.
"I believe in calling things as I see it. There's no point in playing games," Mark said.
Faith took a gulp of her vodka and coke to shore up her courage.
"Well, since you're being direct, I guess I have to let you know that there can never be anything between us."
"Oh?" Dark eyes scanned her body in a slow appraisal. Her cheeks heated up. "I like you and it was obvious to me last week Friday that you like me too by the way you responded to my kiss before Wumi interrupted us. So what's the problem?"
Lowering her lashes coyly, she glanced at him through their dark veil and noticed he was watching her without flinching. Their gazes connected, his black eyes now with flecks of crimson turning her already heated blood into lava. For a moment, she forgot what she was about to say.
She pulled her gaze away and concentrated on her words. "For starters Wumi is my friend and it looks like she wants you for herself."
"Let me make this clear in case you didn't understand me last week." He took her hand and held it between both his surprisingly soft palms, his expression serious. "I have no personal interest in Wumi. She is the sister of a friend. In fact her brother was in school with Felix and I, that's how we know each other. We have never been romantically involved and never will be no matter how much she wants it. Do you understand?"
She nodded, partially relieved that he wasn't involved with Wumi. But still she couldn’t get involved with him. She frowned.
"Was that the only reason you didn't want to see me?"
She stared at Ebony and Felix who seemed too engrossed in each other as they danced on the floor to even notice what was going on with her and Mark. She hadn't even seen them stand to go to the dance floor.
"The truth is that I haven't been in a relationship since when I did my youth service."
Copyright Kiru Taye 2014
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