Sunday 1 April 2012

The Price of Candy - Authors for Trayvon

On Feb 26, 2012, Trayvon Martins life was cut short as he walked to a family member's home from a convenience store where he purchased some candy. The price of candy for this seventeen year old child was his life.

We've come together as a community of readers and author to support Trayvon's family in their battle for justice. From April 1 - 7, 2012, participating authors will donate 17% of their book sales to the Martins family.

Authors for Trayvon is sponsored by All4One Authors Promoting Authors. It runs from 1 - 7 April, 2012.

I'll be donating 17% of my royalties from the eBooks sales of A Valentine Challenge to Trayvon's family. If you already have a copy of this ebook, please consider buying one as a gift for a member of your family or friend to help a worthy cause. Even if they don't have an eReader, they can read eBooks on their phones or PCs/Laptops/Notebooks/iPad, via Pdf, ePUB or Mobi.
To see a list of all the participating books and authors, go here.

A Valentine Challenge is available at $1.99 from the following Online outlets:

For Kindle eReaders

For Nook or Kobo eReaders, Smartphones and PCs, download ePub or pdf.

If you live outside the Amazon countries, you can also download Kindle mobi formats from All Romance or Smashwords and avoid paying an extra $2 Amazon surcharge.

Please tweet and share this to your readers, friends and family. Thank you for your continued support.
Happy April Month!


  1. This is such a tragedy. To have his life taken at such a young age for no reason. :( His poor parents. I could not imagine what they must be going through.
    It is sweet of you authors to assist his family in finding justice for their son. I have tweeted it.

  2. hi just letting you know the 2nd quarter of the versatile challenge is up.


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