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Let's Talk About Love Scenes (Part 2) with Alyssa Fox

Hello readers, today I've guest author Alyssa Fox on my blog. She is a fellow Nuthouse Scribbler and writes adult erotic romance that leaves you breathless. Her latest book, Bound to Protect is out now published by Evernight Publishing. Please make her feel welcome. 

Alyssa, it's nice to have you here today. Over to you.

Thank you, Kiru for having me on your blog. Right, today I'm continuing a discussion I started over at the Nuthouse Scribblers blog about writing sex scenes. To read it go to Let's Talk About Love Scenes (Part 1)

On that post, I mentioned that for a successful sex scene to work you’ve got to have a plot, emotions and conflict first and foremost in the book, or it’s just porn. 

Also another important thing to have is showing and not telling, because that will put the reader to sleep, or they will flip past your scenes. That is something no author wants a reader doing—ever. So let’s take a look at some examples of telling Vs showing in a sex scene.

He opened the door, surprised to see Katie.
“I’m sorry,” she said.
“No problem.”
They parted ways and he hoped to see her later at work.

Or, how about this… (Excerpt from Bound to Protect - contains graphic language)

Heading to the kitchen, he grabbed a beer and twisted off the top before taking a swig. He walked to the couch and was about to sit when a knock sounded at the door. Opening it, Chad was surprised to find Katie on the other side.
“I’m sorry, that was rude of me,” Katie said.
His dick jerked to attention. “Don’t worry about it.” He clenched his hands into a fist, resisting the urge to thread them into her hair. He wanted to feel the silky strands against his fingers again.
“Aren’t you going to ask me in?”
“Just so you know, I’m not sure if I can keep my hands to myself. Since you’ve been standing there all I can think of is getting your naked body underneath mine and fucking you.” Maybe if he could screw her, he could get Katie out of his mind. Something deep in his gut told him that it wouldn’t be that easy. The shit he’d take from her brothers…but he’d deal with that at another time. He wanted her. Now.
Chad heard her sharp inhalation. Katie apparently wanted that as well. He’d do anything to remove her reluctance.
“That’s all I can think of since you left my apartment ten minutes ago.”
He couldn’t afford to slack on the job of protecting her, even if Katie had no clue what he was doing.  Chad closed the door behind her as she entered. He could tell she was nervous about what was going to happen. That only made him want her more––she didn’t back away from a challenge.
Chad reached out, hooking an arm around her waist, and pulled her flush against his body. When had he ever felt a burn all the way down to his balls before?  Never. That’s what it was like whenever he touched her. It was like she branded him as her own without even knowing it. He’d been around the block enough times to know this was different, and special.

Sure, it’s a lot longer and not even the entire scene, but enough to show you the difference. We know that Chad wants her and is having a hard time fighting the urge. Bring your readers into the scene and make them feel all that the hero and heroine are feeling. You have to dig deep, and believe me if you do, you’ll have some great sex scenes. When thinking of adding a sex scene, ask yourself this question: Will it move the plot along, be it bringing them together or tearing them apart again?  It could even be that the heroine trusts the hero even more and opens up. That is basically how to write a sex scene.

When Katie's past comes back to haunt her, can she trust Chad enough, or will it be too late?
Katie Thomas has been living a secret life for four years to keep safe. All of that is about to come to a crashing halt when the ex who tried to kill her shows up again. She'd scared and not sure what to do, until she moves next to to fellow doctor, Chad Davis. He's the last person she wants to live next door to, but one sizzling night together has her yearning for more. The only thing that stands in her way is what he wants in and out of the bedroom; it's a threat to everything she's ever believed.

Can he help Katie unlock her hidden desires and show her that this is more than a fling for him?
Chad Davis has always had a thing for the sexy doctor. Assigned to protect Katie, he's determined to bring down her ex to help him get on with his life, finally. His reasons are personal, but one sizzling night together in his bed is all it takes for his priorities to shift. He's not giving her up, no matter how much she insists she's not right for him.

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Her Seduction~ Coming Soon from Evernight Publishing
Bound To Protect is out now Evernight Publishing
Road to Recovery~ Kindle


  1. Alyssa, thank you so much for being here.

    I think writing a great sex scene is a challenge. It is the scene that takes me the longest to write in all my stories. I always want to make sure its more than just a scene in a book but an integral part of the story.

  2. Thank you for having me. Yes, it can be a challenge to write them and back sure it's part of the story, and not just throw in there.

  3. writing sex scenes can be very challenging i agree, i want it to be more the just a random scene i want it to mean someting to the characters and the story as a whole if that makes sense!

    1. Right, Cherie it has to be more than a random scene. The characters have to have feelings for one another, and the readers have to care about them as well. That's why you won't see me writing one in my books in the first chapter. Most of my first ones happen in chapter three. Now in the book I'm working on now they do have sex earlier, but they're married so they already have feelings for one another.

  4. Yes, the second one is better, but you weren't fair to the first one, Alyssa. It should have had the entire conversation with the narrative. tsk tsk tsk.

    That said,When had he ever felt a burn all the way down to his balls before?
    'yawza!' ;-)

    1. The first one I made up off the top of my head while writing the blog post.

      Chad doesn't hold back on his thoughts or feelings and very blunt at times.

  5. For me i don't think i want my sex scene to vulgar. would like to use making love instead of "fuck", if you get my drift. But i love the advise. And yes it is the most difficult part to write.

  6. Your welcome and the good thing is the advice on writing sex scene can work for that too. I don't always write erotic and do contemporary at times, and the language is toned down a lot.

  7. I think the advice is on point. And that's one hot excerpt! :) Thanks for sharing, Alyssa.


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