Thursday, 2 August 2012

Breathless Press Birthday Bash

August is Birthday Month for my publisher Breathless Press. There are quite a few events lined up including FREE READS, a scavenger hunt and 30% discount across all Breathless Press titles at Breathless Press and All Romance eBooks!

I wrote a short story titled Her Protector (Men of Valor 3.5) which is now available to download FREE from Breathless Press, Smashwords and All Romance eBooks.

You can also buy any of my books in Men of Valor series with 30% discount via Breathless Press or All Romance eBooks throughout August 2012.

Finally, there's a scavenger hunt on 24 - 27 August with a grand prize of a 50 BOOK Library worth over $150. Yes, that's right. $150. So make sure you come back to participate when it's time.

To find out more details check out Breathless Blog and Facebook

In the meantime download your personal FREE copy of Her Protector (Men of Valor 3.5) now. It's my gift to all you wonderful readers for your continued support in the past year. The man tied in a red ribbon should be a huge giveaway. LOL

Book blurb:

When a warrior’s restraint is tested, will he do his duty to the kingdom or succumb to the lure of a maiden?

Oma should fear the fierce warrior whose captive she’s become after she is seized while spying. The penalty is the lash of his whip. The ache in her body is not from the sting of his flogger but from the scorching heat of his touch. Still, she has to resist him if she wishes to safeguard the secrets she hides.

Jide is the prince’s closest guard. His duty is to keep the royal family safe, so he should deliver instant justice to the spy in his chambers. Yet the intense fire in the eyes of his beautiful prisoner Oma stirs him beyond that of any other maiden in his past. When his self-control is tried which will he choose—hand her over for punishment or defy the prince and protect her?

Here are the links to download: Breathless Press, Smashwords, and All Romance eBooks.

I hope you enjoy reading it. Please feel free to leave a review on the site you downloaded it from. Happy month of August!

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