Sunday, 18 October 2015

"Take as much as you want" #SexySnippets #ASMSG Making Scandal #AARomance

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I haven't shared from Making Scandal in a while, so this week, you get seven sentences packed with sexual tension. Enjoy.

Tension oozed off his body.
"You’re playing with fire," he said as he took a step towards her.
"I’m not playing," she replied, her gaze hooked on his.
"A taste won’t be enough," he growled, his tone husky as he took another step.
"Take as much as you want," she said, her voice now hoarse and low as the whoosh of rushing blood in her ears got louder.
"I want everything...I want all of you."
He stood in front of her but didn’t touch her.

I hope you enjoyed it. You can find out more about Making Scandal HERE.

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