Sunday, 27 September 2015

Her skin prickled as she felt a presence #sexysnippets #ASMSG #comingsoon

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Today, I bring you a snippet from Worthy, my current work-in-progress. In this scene Peter comes close to Tessa for the first time.

Her skin prickled as she felt a presence beside her. She didn’t need to tilt her head to know it was him. It had to be. But she turned around anyway to see him raise his hand in the direction of the bar man.

She stared at the limb he extended. The sterling silver cufflink with blue gemstones that could’ve been tanzanite caught the light and glittered. But it was his fingers that fascinated her. They were long and slender and when he lowered them on the black lacquered top of bar, her heart skipped a beat. It was as if he’d stroked her skin.

Help her. Now she was imagining things.

Blurb: Worthy by Kiru Taye

Challenge Series, Book 3 - Coming Soon

Some secrets can bind you.
Since they were teenagers, Tessa Obum has shared everything with her best friend Anuli Okoro. Inseparable, they are bonded by a secret so dark that it could destroy them both if it ever came to light.
So when she meets business mogul Peter Oranye, she knows their dalliance will never be serious.

Some secrets can break you.
Try telling that to Peter who seems to only have one on mode—intense—and is single-mindedly determined to have all of Tessa no matter the emotional and physical costs.
Can he break the chains tying her to her past? And when their secrets come to light, will any of them be worthy of the love they crave?

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