Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Out of breath and out of energy #MidWeekTease #ASMSG Riding Rebel #comingsoon

Happy Hump Day and welcome back to Mid-Week Tease hosted by the lovely Sandra Bunino.

We are back with more from Riding Rebel.
Last week I was in a rush to complete my WIP for NaNoWriMo. Sadly I didn't quite hit the target before the end of November. I think I probably won't win NaNo again until little man starts nursery.
However, as of today the manuscript stands at 51,607 words and I think I have another 10,000 words to go to the end.

So how do you have sex without having sex? Well, here's how to do it, Tony Essien style. Enjoy the teaser. Be warned. It is unedited and you might need a fan. *wink*

He rose then, and captured her lips with his, letting her taste herself as he thrust into her mouth with his tongue. He was possessed, his body feverish. He needed to be buried inside her. To feel the rush of orgasm again.
He broke off the kiss and pressed his lips close to her ear. "I need you. Let me come between your legs. I promise I won't enter you."
As if he was suffering withdrawal symptoms, his entire body ached and shook from his need. He palmed his hot and hard erection as he leaned on one elbow to her side.
She reached down and covered his hand with hers. "Let me do it for you."
"No," his growl was harsh. "I'm not going to let you service me like you did your ex."
"But I want to."
"No." He moved away. He knew he was being silly comparing the two situations. After all, he'd let women blow him before. But it had always been mutually consenting situations. But this time he felt as if letting Rita do it would be like taking advantage of her again. Even if she said she wanted to do it. No matter how desperate he was to feel her skin to skin, he wouldn't use her that way.
"Don't go, please."
Her soft plea tugged at his heart strings and he turned back to face her. "It's okay." He folded her into his arms, spooning her with her back to his chest, his still rock hard dick lodged between the soft cheeks of her ass.
He slid his palm under the t-shirt and played with her breasts, flicking from one to the other. Soon she started moaning and grinding her butt against his erection. He slid his cock between her thighs, her juices forming the lubrication to aid his movement back and forth, the heat from her pussy warming his blood. He was close but not inside her. This would have to do. Otherwise he would die if he didn't feel her flesh against his feverish skin.
"Hold your legs tight together, baby." She did. "Yes, just like that. Let me feel you all around my cock, gripping me like a glove."
He started rocking his hips with hers as he pressed his other fingers against her pussy, working her clit and labia. Soon they were both rocking together in rhythm. She moaned and he groaned as his pleasure climbed. She felt so good. He knew he was near so he rubbed her clit harder determined to get another orgasm out of her before he came. With a cry, her body trembled around him and he lost all control, the movement of his hips going wild. With a massive grunt he detonated as hot cum sprang from his dick and his entire body shook for seconds on end.
Out of breath and out of energy, he clung onto her sweat-slicked body, glad that he was already lying on his side. He'd never had an orgasm quite like this before. And he hadn't been inside her.
What would it be like when he fucked her for real? It would blow his mind for sure.

Copyright Kiru Taye 2014

Hot, right? This scene nearly set my laptop ablaze while I was writing it. LOL.
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