Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Happy New Year! Which books would you like to read in 2015? Vote #Giveaway #ASMSG

As another year slips by and as we wake unto a new one, I want take a little time to reflect on 2014 and also to look forward to what the future might bring.

On a professional level, 2014 has been a successful year. This is the year, I finally broke even and started actually making money from writing. We're not at JK Rowling's level yet. But there's hope.

This year also saw one of my books, topping the Amazon Bestseller category chart, when Keeping Secrets went to number 1 on the African-American list and beat some of my favourite AA authors. I think I lived in shock for days afterwards.

What else did I accomplish this year? Did I meet my yearly objectives?
I decided at the start of 2014  to publish 4 books in the year. This is what I did:

A Valentine Challenge, Challenge Series book 1 got a new lease of life when a revised version was published in February 2014.

May 2014 saw the release of Keeping Secrets, The Essien Trilogy book 1.

September 2014 saw the release of Making Scandal, The Essien Trilogy, book 2

Just in time for Halloween, Black Soul: Black Warriors series prequel was published in October 2014.

Then in November 2014, Scores, Passion Shield book 3 was released.

Yay! I met my objectives, so I can celebrate. But first I want to thank some people who have made 2014 really special for me.

Zee, Nana, Empi, Michaela, Kemi, Sharonda, Felicia, Omolara, Queenie, you ladies rock! Without you 2014 would've sucked. You hold my hand even though you are all miles away from me. I love you guys.

And for everyone who buys, reads and reviews my books, you don't know how much you mean to me. Thank you for making 2014 a success for me.
And here's to many more successes all round. I made a little video for you!

What do I have in store for you in 2015?

The year kicks of with the release of Riding Rebel, The Essien Trilogy book 3 in January. It is currently with the editor so hoping to finalise it soon and load it up to the retailers.

Here are the optional books that could be published in 2015. I'll let you readers decide which 3 will definitely be published. Vote for the books you want to read and you could win one of them for FREE.

Her Weekend Bodyguard (working title) spin off from The Essien Trilogy and Kola Banks story

Freddie's story (I don't have a title yet) another spinoff from The Essien Trilogy

Worth a Challenge, Challenge series book 3

Black Heart, Black Warriors book 1

Surrender, Passion Shields book 4

Semper, Passion Shields book 5

So leave me a comment, telling me which 3 you'd like to see published in 2015. You can also enter the rafflecopter giveaway.

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