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Thrusty Thursday: The Wolf On The Hill by Jorja Lovett #BookReview @JorjaLovett

Hello, everyone. Welcome back to Thrusty Thursday. I’ve been trying to catch up with my To-Be-Read pile and this week I've got another book to recommend.

Disclaimer: No favours have been exchanged for these reviews. 

The Wolf on the Hill by Jorja Lovett

Tags: paranormal romance, sensual, wolf shifters

Can two stubborn wolf shifters let down their guards long enough to take a chance on love?
Lone wolf Caleb Jackson is only back in town long enough to sell his late father's house, and the bad memories with it. He never expected to find his mate.

Good girl Mia Blake never behaves badly. Except for the time she shifts into her wolf, chases a stranger through Olcan Hills, and has the hottest sex of her life on the forest floor.
He has no desire to settle down. She is afraid to upset her family. But, with someone determined to destroy Caleb's inheritance, and his secret fling with Mia getting hot and heavy, moving on isn't as easy as he'd hoped.

Can either of them let down their guards long enough to take a chance on love?

I bought my copy from Total E-Bound.

My Review

Some stories just pull you in from the first page. This is one of them. Jorja's writing style has a seductive quality that entices you in and keeps you turning the pages with her sensual descriptions and steamy scenes.

I totally fell in love with Caleb as the drifter/tortured hero (y'all know how I love this hero type) with a horrible past who returns home to sort out his inheritance and move on, and Mia, the girl from the rich end of town who's fighting to break out of the hold her family has over her. It's easy to understand the characters motivations and cheer them on to overcome their conflicts.

The chemistry between Mia and Caleb sizzled right from the moment they met. The sex scenes are frequent and steamy but not explicit, which was absolutely fine by me.

The author managed to keep me on edge with the actions of the villain but in the end no real danger materialised. I was a tad disappointed as I was hoping for an action/fight scene. Perhaps, Mia or Caleb in some kind of trouble.  

I'm hoping the author rectifies this in her next book of the series which I hope is Rory and Naomi's story. The main reason I enjoy reading paranormal romance is the sense of danger and action sequences interwoven into the stories. Otherwise it might as well be just another contemporary romance. And where's the fun in that? J

All in all, I loved this book and I'm looking forward to more of the Wild Irish Wolves series.

My Verdict

Loved it.

My Recommendations

Buy it. Read it.

My Rating


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