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Thrusty Thursday: Closer Than A Brother by Nkem Ivara #BookReview @thewordsmythe

Hello, everyone. Welcome back to Thrusty Thursday. I’ve been trying to catch up with my To-Be-Read pile and this week I've got another book to recommend.

Disclaimer: Although the author is a close friend and fellow writer, no favours have been exchanged for these reviews. I got my copy from Amazon UK.

Closer Than A Brother by Nkem Ivara

Tags: contemporary romance, sweet, novella, multicultural

Daye Thompson didn’t know when it happened, but while playing the role of the-big-brother-she-never-had to beautiful Samantha Egbuson, he’d gone and fallen in love with her. Confessing his true feelings could signal the end of their lifetime friendship. Can he risk losing her altogether?

My Review

I am a fan of friends-to-lovers story-lines especially when it's obvious to the reader that the two of them are in love but the characters involved are clueless. It's similar to the theatre shows where the audience can see the baddie and shouts out "he's behind you!" to the actors who are oblivious to what's going on. Well in this case the experience is more breath-stealing for the reader.

I totally loved Daye. He is considerate, protective and totally hot. Samantha is easy to empathise with. I totally connected with her backstory and how that affected how she related to men.

In all, I love that Nkem has wasted no words with this enjoyable romantic debut novella. I look forward to more stories from her.

My Verdict
A lovely debut romance

My Recommendations
Buy it. Read it.

My Rating

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