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She would burn up on the spot #MidWeekTease #ASMSG Riding Rebel #comingsoon

Welcome back to mid-week tease hosted by the lovely Sandra Bunino, where we share excerpts from our work-in-progress or published books.

This week we are back with the Essiens, from my current WIP, Riding Rebel, book 3 of the Essien trilogy. This follows on from the scene where Rita Dike meets Tony Essien. The awkward moment has passed and they are getting on. But Tony seems to know how to push her buttons.

Enjoy. It is unedited.


"Auditions start next week for a new movie in the pipeline. Call that number and you will be given the address of the venue for the auditions. It is a closed audition for now so you will need to show the card to be let in."
"Oh. My. God." She squealed. "Are you serious?" Her mouth hung open as she stared from the card trembling in her hand to him.
"Absolutely. If you're half as good as you sound then I'm sure we can find a role for you."
"Of course. I'll be there. Thank you so much." Her body was actually quivering with excitement. There was an actual chance she would be part of his movie. She had genuinely admired his work before Petersen had told her of the Essiens involvement in the Pensions scandal.
The dark thought reared its head and the image of her father's cold body in the morgue popped into her mind. Her happiness dimmed, the smile wiped off her face. Getting involved in this movie should only have one purpose—to get closer to the Essiens so she could find out what Petersen needed to bring them down. She needed to remember that. She'd been enjoying his company so much she'd forgotten the reason for being there in the first place.
"Are you okay?" Tony was scrutinising her face, his expression curious. He reached across and tucked her hair behind the left ear.
Involuntarily her lashes fluttered shut and she leaned into his soft palm. His thumb brushed the lobe, a light, gossamer touch that ricocheted though her body and made her nipples perk up and chafe against the silk of her dress.
Was that soft gasp her? Her eyes flew open in dismay. What was she doing Hardly five minutes in Tony's company and she was about to lose her head. Her wrap had slid off her shoulders unnoticed and the hard points of her nipples showed through her dress.
"Yes, I'm okay." Her voice was husky as she shook his hand off and pulled the wrap around her shoulders to cover her traitorous body. She forced a smile on her face. "Of course. I'll put this away so I don't lose it."
She tucked the card into her purse.
"I see you are here with Kris," Tony said, leaning back into his seat, one arm on the table, the other on the back of the chair, his legs spread apart in a very confident masculine pose. As if he owned the venue. As if he owned the world.
She caught sight of his fly. Yep. There was a definite big bulge there. Her cheeks heated and she glanced away quickly.
"Kris?" she asked, her brain obviously on melt down with sex on her mind. How come I'm suddenly ogling man parts? This from the girl who is in church every Sunday. Someone please explain. Worse, I have a boyfriend!
"Kris Petersen. I saw you walk in with him." He tossed back his drink and placed the flute on the white brocade-covered table. His fingers drummed on the table. Long slender fingers. They'd stroked her skin just moments before. The beats they played matched her thumping heart rate.
"Yes. Yes, of course. I'm here with him." Her voice sounded breathy.
"So you are into Aristos, then." His voice sounded harsh, cold water to her hot skin.
She flinched. "What the hell are you talking about?"
Aristos referred to young girls who dated older men especially for the financial security they provided. Foolishly, she hadn't given much thought to the fact that people seeing her arrive with Petersen would assume she was having an affair with him. And now Tony was confronting her about it.
"Do you like him because he is older or is it his money that does it for you?" Tony  asked in a low voice close to her ear, his warm breath whispering on her cheek.
"It's none of your business," she retorted, pulling back as her whole body flushed with embarrassment.
"Perhaps not." He leaned back, his burning dark amber gaze not wavering. "I don't do love. But if it's money you're interested in, I've got plenty of it and I can satisfy you in and out of bed too." His lip curled into a slow smile and he winked at her.
And her traitorous mind took his words and conjured up an image of her in bed and him on top of her.
Oh God. I'm so going to hell. She needed to get away from him. Or she would burn up on the spot. And even that didn't scare her.
"I'm not listening to anymore of this rubbish." She shoved her chair and snatched her purse from the table before heading for the nearest exit.


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