Sunday, 16 November 2014

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Sorry, I missed last week's post. It was one hectic weekend. I went to this author event on Saturday, caught up with some friends and got home pretty late/early Sunday morning. It was my first night away from baby, so I went a little overboard. LOL. So Sunday was spent chilling and I totally forgot SS.

Anyway, we are back with Tony and Rita from Riding Rebel this week and things are sizzling between them. It's unedited. Enjoy.

"Say it."
Her eyes widened like saucers and she shook her head.
"Not going to work, baby." He leaned back, butt-on-heels, hands resting of her spread thighs. "If you want me to eat your pussy, you have to say it."
"Please don't make me say it," she said in a low husky voice, whispers of feathers on his aching flesh. Her brown eyes held heat, molten pools of chocolate and he knew she liked him talking dirty to her. Only her sense of decorum prevented her from using the words.
"Baby, just say the words and I promise I'll make you come like you've never come before."
"I've never had an orgasm before." Her words came in a rushed breathy sound.


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