Wednesday, 23 April 2014

He wanted her to bare all to him #midweektease #asmsg Keeping Secrets

Oops. Totally forgot about Mid-Week Tease this morning as I'm buried in editing. Please pardon my tardiness.

Anyway, it makes sense to bring you a piece of what I've been editing. So here's a teaser from Keeping Secrets.

Outside in the garden, Felix sat on the bench under the shade of the acacia tree, his favourite spot in his vast estate. His eyes were closed but he became aware of Ebony before she reached him or spoke. He heard the swish of her dress as she moved, and the patter of her shoes against the cobbles of the stone path that weaved through the back garden. As she approached, he smelled her essence, He didn’t open his eyes. Instead, he inhaled deeply as his body stirred.

"Hi, darling." Soft lips brushed his in a brief kiss.

Within his body, desire sparked. Yet, alarm bells rang in his mind and his spine stiffened with suspicion. She called him "darling." She’d never used that word on him before. Something must be definitely wrong.

He opened his eyes and looked at her through his dark sunglasses. She smiled, but her usual radiant glow seemed diminished, somehow. She wore a pair of dark sunshades so he couldn’t see her eyes. Her dark hair lay swept over one shoulder, her dress a sea-blue sundress that showed off long, smooth legs.

His body didn’t care what she’d been up to. He wanted to sit her on his lap right here and sink into her wet core. To rock into her and make her forget whatever could be on her mind. He wanted her to bare all to him. To hide nothing from his gaze, from him. To hear her cry out his name over and over again like she’d done this morning.


I hope you enjoyed it. Please check out the other Mid-week teasers.
Excuse me while I go back into my editing cave. Normal service will resume soon. Enjoy the rest of your week

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