Friday, 9 August 2013

Ella is Turning 40 #Birthday Party #Giveaway #NewYork

Welcome to Ella's Turning What Birthday Blog Hop hosted by the lovely Ella Jade. It runs from the 9th to 11 August 2013.

On this hop we're sharing memories of our favourite birthdays. I've had a few lovely birthdays but the one I had last year is certainly one of my favourites.

My husband planned a surprise trip for me to New York. He kept it a secret for weeks before hand. All I knew was that I was travelling abroad because he had to make sure my passport was valid. I tried to trick him by asking him what to pack but his reply of "It's similar weather to here" only revealed it was a location in the Northern Hemisphere. Fat clue that was. SMH.

Anyway, I had to wait until we were checking in at the Heathrow airport before our destination was finally revealed. You can imagine my joyous surprise. I had always wanted go to New York and it was one of the best birthday presents he'd ever given me.

Waking up on my birthday in the middle of the Big Apple was a dream come true and the entire weekend was fabulous.

Here are a few pictures from that lovely weekend.

Now for the giveaway:

I'm giving away one ebook copy of New York by Edward Rutherford. 

All you have to do to enter the prize draw is

1. Add me on Google+
2. Leave me a comment.

I'll pick a winner on August 12th. Good luck.

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