Thursday 1 December 2011

Winners, Free books & Good cheer!

Hello readers! It’s December 1. Yippee! A very exciting month for me this year and not just because of Christmas. But before I get to the good things coming this month, let’s have a quick recap of the successes from November.

I’m a NaNoWriMo winner! Despite all the other deadlines that I had in November, I still managed to meet the 50k word challenge for the month. I have to admit I only managed to hit it at 10pm last night (I typed about of 6k words yesterday) but I did it.

I’ve also completed the first draft of a story to be published in a Valentine Anthology by Romance Writers of West Africa. I just need to work on polishing it off now. An excerpt of the first chapter of the story titled A VALENTINE CHALLENGE is available here.

Editing on HIS STRENGTH, book 2 of the Men of Valor series is going well. Publication date is set as February 10, 2012. The completed book 3, HIS PRINCESS will be off to my editor shortly after I tweak a few things. It’s a much longer story. I hope she loves it like she did the first two.

Now on to December! If you didn’t already know it, HIS TREASURE is out on eBook on December 2. Hurray! I think I’ve been on a constant high for the past week in expectation. I don’t know if I’ll sleep tonight. I’m sure it’ll be a similar effect to waiting for the New Year.

The book is currently available on Breathless Press website. From Dec 2, you can buy it from Amazon and other online book retailers. A big thank you to everyone who pre-ordered a copy and put it in BP Bestseller top 5 for 10 days. It even got to #2 for a few days.

Winner announcement: The following people won copies of His Treasure during contests held in the run up to my book release. If your name is listed, make sure I have your email address so I can send you the eBook tomorrow.
Winners via the 18&over book blogger contest on this blog:
·       Jenny (Madsheepno1)
·       Zoey
·       Juana Esparza
·       Cathy M
·       Claire Robyns
Winners via my Facebook page
·       Mpanda Mbelu Wa Motobodji (Sept)
·       Wezz Mahilihili-Gsell (Oct)
Winner via Romance Writers of West Africa
·       Wendy @FabulosityReads (Nov)

Now on to my book release blog tour. I’ve already been interviewed by Delaney Diamond on Nov 28. You can read the interview on her blog here. You can also read my interview of her here.

On December 5, please join me at Long and Short Reviews where I’m doing a guest blog post. 
On December 8, you can read an interview of me at Books-n-Kisses
On December 14, I’ll be a guest blogger at Fabulosity Reads.
Between December 16 and 18, I’m participating in a Christmas blog hop and will be giving away a $10 gift card and 2 copies of HIS TREASURE. Make sure you stop by and enter the contest.
On December 30, I’m being interviewed over at Fallen Angel Review.

From December 1-30, you’ll also have chances to WIN a copy of my book as part of the mega book giveaway contests run by Romance Writers of West Africa and The Nuthouse Scribblers. Click on the links or use the buttons on the right hand bar to visit their websites to find out how you can win. There are a total of 18 books on offer by different romance authors. So you stand a high chance of winning a book if you participate. Go over, follow and leave a comment on my post to stand a chance of winning my book.

Now, how’s that for a bumper month? There’s enough fun to keep you in good cheer for the rest of the month. Happy December, everyone! 
I'll see you back here tomorrow for the book release. :)


  1. Fantastic line-up you have for December - you will be busy! And congrats on winning Nano, that's quite an achievement in itself.

    Good luck for your release tomorrow, I hope you get some sleep tonight! ;) x

  2. Hi Xandra, thank you. I thought November was hectic but it looks like December will be even busier. At least for the first 2 weeks anyway.

  3. Congrats on your Nano, and looking forward to tomorrow!

  4. Hi Myne, thank you. So am I!!! :)

  5. Great post, lots of December cheer! Congrats on winning Nano and huge congrats for tomorrow's release :-D

  6. Hi Doris, thank you. I hope we are all smiling broadly at the end of December. It's going to be a great month. :)


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