Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Did the temperature just go up in here? #MidWeekTease #ASMSG #amwriting Riding Rebel

Welcome to the first Mid-Week Tease of 2015. The break was fantastic but I'm also glad to be back writing again.

So I'm editing Riding Rebel and I thought I'd share one of my favourite scenes in the book because it always makes me smile. It's the scene where Rita meets Tony for the first time. But you can tell she's in over her head already. LOL.


Petersen patted her hand congenially before striding off. She pulled the black, soft shimmer silk pashmina across her shoulders, suddenly feeling lost and cold in the almost freezing air from the aircon.
The hotel had played host to dignitaries and celebrities over the years and was magnificent. Who wouldn't want to cosy up to the grandeur of the place? The venue made her feel like a celebrity just by being there. She felt like a Nollywood starlet, even though her claim to fame amounted to a two-bit, walk-on part for a few seconds.
Men stared at her openly, with appreciation. These men were out of her league, dressed in suits worth more money than she earned in a month. Her boyfriend, though he had a good job in a bank, didn't earn enough to buy expensive outfits like those, either.
An unfamiliar thrill shot through her blood. And she had to admit it; she enjoyed the attention. Partly the reason she enjoyed acting so much.
"Not feeling lonely, are you?"
The deep, sexy drawl vibrated through her body and had her rotating in her seat to see who had spoken.
She saw a pair of black Chelsea boots first, certainly not the kind she'd expect at a black tie event, but still fashionable enough to work. Then a pair of dark trousers made from a shiny fabric wrapped around sturdy thighs, not bulky but hinting at lean, corded muscles beneath. Her gaze paused at the gleaming, studded black belt. Also not something she expected to see at an event like this, but eye-catching.
"Like what you see?" Amusement tinged his voice this time.
Heat flooded her face. He must have thought she was staring at his groin, which invariably she was, and this time, she had to look.
Did his fly just swell a little?
Oh God. Her face heated up even more and she turned away, reaching for her glass of champagne to cool down.
She took a sip, allowed the cool liquid to flow down her throat, counted down from five before turning back to look at the man and apologise for staring.
Her apology died in her throat and her mouth gaped.
Sitting in the chair vacated by Mr. Petersen was Tony Essien. She recognised him from the photo her boss had given her.
Except he wasn't the two-dimensional man printed on a piece of glossy paper. He was flesh and bones. Hot and hard. Sexy and arrogant. His lips curled in a killer smile that said he knew what she'd been thinking.
Did the temperature just go up in here? She fought the urge to tug at her collar and fidgeted with her wrap, instead.
"My name is Tony. Tony Essien."
Oh God, that voice. Melted dark chocolate. Why did he have to sound so deep and decadent and yummy?
Breathless, her heart thumped in her chest and she swallowed hard. She tried to open her mouth to tell him to go away but she couldn't seem to work her heavy tongue apparently glued to her top palate.
His grin deepened, a dimple appearing on his left cheek. Dark stubble frame a strong jaw and sensuous lips. She could so kiss those wickedly curved lips right now. As if on cue, her tongue finally moved, swiping hers.
"Erm, I'm Rita," she muttered at last. "Rita Dike."

I hope you enjoyed this. Leave me a comment. I love them and check out the other fabulous mid week teasers.

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