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She wanted him again #MidWeekTease #MWTease #ASMSG Making Scandal

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Welcome back to Mid-Week Tease hosted by the lovely Sandra Bunino, where writers share teasers from our work-in-progress or published books.

We continue with another teaser from Making Scandal as I continue to revise the manuscript. I'm really trying to get the revisions done so I can send to my editor.
In this scene, Mark and Faith have just had explosive sex but the post-coital bliss might not be altogether blissful. It is unedited. Enjoy.


Mark towered above her, hands on hips. His dark eyes glimmered with such intensity, a black hole that sucked her right in, her heart thudded loudly.
"I don't think I've ever seen you more beautiful." The gruff cadence of his voice vibrated through her.
Huh? She lifted one brow in disbelief and looked down at her body.
Dishevelled—her rumpled linen skirt rode up her bare hips, her lace panties torn, a button missing from her silk blouse. Not to mention that her hair was probably all over the place since he'd been running his fingers through the strands and the back had been crushed against the door. Was he pulling her legs or what?
"You must need glasses then," she said, sure he must've been joking. "I'm rumpled up."
"Yes, so beautifully rumpled." He rolled off the used condom, knotted it and tossed it in the brushed steel waste paper bin leaning against the wall by the door. "Do you know how long I've waited to see you this rumpled? Every time I see you, you're always so composed, so prim and proper. I've wanted to see passion blaze in your eyes, wanted to see you finally let go."
Leaning over, he stroked her lips in a brief kiss. His masculine spice filled her lungs, stirring the burnt out embers of her lust.
Her cheeks heated and she half-laughed, half-coughed in a self-conscious manner.  Her body still tingled as if it was finally waking up from a long sleep. A really long sleep.
"Of course, I wasn't expecting that finally getting you to loosen up will get me so out of control I was going to explode within seconds like a teenager."
How could he say that or even expect her to believe it? In the past year he hadn't exactly been lonely. Unlike her. He shouldn’t pretend this was more than it was. Sex. Lust. That's all they had.
She rolled over, trying to cover herself up in a semblance of decency. The thought of him with other women had her heart clenching tightly.
"If I believe that I'll believe anything." She pulled herself up and away from him. "You forget that your pictures have been splashed over the papers with different women hanging on your arms this past year."
The mattress depressed as he sat on the edge. Tendrils of his heat curled around her. Breathing saturated her lungs with his spice. Need bubbled in her veins. She closed her eyes, hating the tightness in her chest.
Remember, this is just sex. It doesn't matter how many women he's been with this past year.
Bullshit. Her hands clenched into fists, clutching the seams of her clothes.
"Yes, I've attended events with women all because you refuse to be seen publicly with me. I would rather have had you as my escort on those occasions."
Fingers, steel bands, wrapped around her ankles and tugged. Eyes flying open, she gulped in air and slid down the bed on her back until her legs straddled his hips.  One by one he removed her shoes and massaged her bare feet. His fingers worked blissful magic. She purred, to her dismay.
"But I haven't had sex with another woman since I met you at that conference in Jo'burg."
Stunned by his admission all she could say was "okay."
Relief washed over her body at his reassuring words and she didn't hide the smile that tugged the corners of mouth. A man as highly sexed as Mark had stayed celibate for a year for her. Euphoria, a heady drug, surged in her veins. The constriction around her chest loosened, rage replaced by delight, empowering her.
A dimple flashed on his cheek, his lips curled in a slow confident smile. Masculine and erotic, semen glistened on his semi-hard erection jutting out of his open fly.
God, he's beautiful and sexy and virile. Magnificent. Between her thighs throbbed, a mixture of soreness and arousal. She wanted him again.

Copyright © Kiru Taye 2014


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