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Welcome back to mid-week tease hosted by the lovely Sandra Bunino, where we share excerpts from our work-in-progress or published books.

This week I'm continuing with more from my current WIP, Riding Rebel, book 3 of the Essien trilogy. Last week you met Rita Dike. Now let me introduce you to Tony Essien. I'm sure a lot of you fans of the series will be glad to finally meet the elusive Tony. He is one bad-ass Essien. Don't say I didn't warn you. LOL

My inspiration for Tony Essien
This is a first draft and unedited. Enjoy.


Tony Essien stretched his body and rolled onto his side. His arm hit a warm body and he peeled drowsy eyes open. Grey dawn light filtered through the curtains and dappled a feminine form covered in bedding.
Screwing up his forehead, he studied her pretty face and tried to remember her name.
Bukky? Rukky? Some name that ended with 'ky' or shit like that anyway. He couldn't bring himself to care as his temples throbbed with a dull ache. He massaged the sides of his head and sat up.
Traces of her makeup smudged the azure oxford pillow case, where her face had been pressed against it last night. Tresses of black hair spread out behind her.
Memories of last night replayed in his mind. Him yanking on her hair while he fucked her doggy style on the mattress. Mehn, she'd been a screamer, her moans had echoed off the walls and he'd stuffed her panties into her mouth to muffle her cries of delight.
By the time he'd spilled into the condom, she'd come so many times he'd stopped counting after the third time.
Some people would consider his sexual proclivities to be debauched. He didn't care. At twenty five he was young and a long way from settling down. And as long as there were women willing to take his brand of pleasure, it shouldn’t matter.
Money solved everything, anyway. And Lagos girls would let you do anything to them as long as they were well compensated in return. A handful of zeroes added to numeral digits on a check guaranteed no one ever discussed their encounters with him outside of the bedroom.
Swinging his legs over, his feet sank into the soft pile of carpet and he stretched out before heading toward the ensuite bathroom, navigating around the furniture in the still darkened room.
Time to dismiss this one. He didn't want her still in the premises when the rest of his family awoke. Although he had his own self-contained annex, he lived in the main Essien family estate, which meant he shared the same gated entrances as his parents.
His brothers had moved out and bought their own homes but his mother was reluctant to let him move out. So they'd compromised by refitting the two-bed house which had previously been used as guest quarters for him instead.
"Come back to bed, Tony."
The sultry invitation had him rotating his head to look back.
Silver light from the window showed the girl leaning on her right elbow, her other hand pushed down the blue sheets, revealing a slender body of chocolate skin, dark nipples peeking at him in invitation. A coquettish smile curled her full lips.
He pictured those lips wrapped around his dick and his half awake erection turned to a full blown morning wood. He should take up her invitation and return to bed. A glance at the bedside clock proved he still had some time, if they were quick.
He racked his brain again for her name but it only aggravated his headache.
Damn! Why couldn't he remember her name?
"I have things to do this morning," he said in a gruff voice, instead. His irritation hiked for some reason. It shouldn’t have bothered him. It wasn't the first time he'd forgotten the name of a girl he'd had sex with.
"Starting with this body. You should definitely do this body."
She winked at him and he had to smile. She was forward. Truthfully he liked his girls that way. He never liked second guessing what they wanted.
But this morning it wasn't working. Perhaps, it was seeing her in the cold light of day without the fuzzy influence of alcohol. She was still pretty and she knew how to use her mouth.
But he had other priorities right now.
"I've already been there, done that," he replied in half-amusement.
"Oh, come on Tony. I'll make it good for you. I'll let you come in my mouth again. And it's still dark outside. We have time."
Did she just use the collective to describe both of them or what they'd done?
"We? There is no 'we'," he snapped, his annoyance rising because he'd thought about inviting her into the shower.
But not now. Not if she thought there was more to them than just sex. He couldn’t go there again. Couldn't let any girl think he wanted more or could give more.
"I didn't mean—"
"I know what you meant. Get dressed," he ordered and reached for the wall switch, turning on one of the lamps. Soft yellow light filled the room. "Freddy will take you home or wherever you want to go."

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Happy Hump Day!

Kiru xx

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