Saturday, 22 September 2012

Naughty or Nice Giveaway

Hello readers, welcome to the Naughty or Nice Giveaway Hop hosted by Reading Romances. It runs from 22 to 29 September 2012.

On this hop you can choose to win either a naughty or nice book. This contest is open internationally. Here are the options:

NAUGHTY - 1 eCopy of An Engagement Challenge (contemporary, interracial, erotic romance)
An ARe Cafe Recommended Read, check out the review.

When savvy PR consultant Ijay Amadi meets successful Industrialist Paul Arinze, the only things on her mind are to forget the pain of her failed relationship and enjoy the delights his branding touch and soul-searing kiss promise. It’s a one-time only event. Perfect.

However, Paul is annoyed to wake up and find her gone the next morning. He isn’t ready to forget the dark-haired beauty or their scorching night together just yet. So he plans to have Ijay right where he wants her—in Abuja, working on his latest business project by day and enjoying the pleasure of his bed by night.

Except when Ijay arrives, she’s wearing another man’s engagement ring. With the explosive desire between them threatening their priorities and loyalties, the stakes get higher by the minute. Who’ll be left standing at the altar when Ijay walks down the aisle?

NICE - 1 eCopy of His Princess (historical, sensual romance)
Nikki's Must Read 5 Spiders Review at Close Encounters with the Night Kind says: "I absolutely recommend this book to all romance lovers. It may break your heart in some places, but read on. The enchantment must be seen through to the end to be felt! Excellent Read!!"

With the weight of a kingdom on his shoulders and his honour at stake, can a Prince truly love a slave?

Ezinne is dismayed when her mistress presents her to Prince Emeka as a concubine to cater for his every need for a few weeks. She’s a slave whose previous encounters with men make her fear their brutality.

Yet the more she gets to know the powerful yet honourable prince, the easier he breaks down the walls around her heart. She soon comes to want him more than she wants anything else, even freedom.

But Emeka is the heir to the throne and Ezinne is a woman with secrets that threaten not just their budding relationship but a kingdom.

To win, enter the contest via the Rafflecopter. Winners will be announced next weekend. Good luck and happy hopping!

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  1. Such fun and who doesn't like naughty and or nice?

  2. Hey, Kiru,
    An engagement challenge sounds intriguing.

  3. Would love AN Engagement Challenge.

  4. Hey Kiru, I prefer His Princess!

  5. His Princess
    Thanks for the hop!!

  6. I would prefer His Princess. Thanks for participating!


  7. His Princess, the story sounds promising.

  8. An Engagement Challenge sounds like a great story.
    skpetal at hotmail dot com

  9. Would love AN Engagement Challenge.

  10. l would like to be naughty . engagement challenge sounds

  11. I'd like An Engagement Challenge since I love Naughty books!!
    Ashley A

  12. They both sound wonderful, but I would prefer An Engagement Challenge if I am chosen. :)
    Thank you for participating in the hop! ;)

  13. An Engagement Challenge, I like naughty. Thx for the hop.

    blinkysthebest at aol dot com


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