Sunday, 7 July 2013

#SexySnippets from The Healers Warrior #historical #paranormal

I'm a little late to the Sexy Snippets party this Sunday but I hope your enjoy my seven sentences taken from a historical paranormal romance I wrote back in 2011, soon to be published, titled The Healer's Warrior.


At the sound of the deep voice behind her, Ugo gasped and nearly jumped off the little stool she sat on. Her heart was certainly lodged somewhere in her throat. She turned around to see Ebube standing a few paces behind her.

From her sitting angle, he looked impossibly tall, dark and menacing with his face in the shadows. His silhouetted body oozed a certain predatory strength. His eyes' catlike qualities seemed to glow like gems in the dark.

How did he get there without her hearing him?


Share your thoughts. I love to read them. And check out the other Sexy Snippets this week.