Thursday, 3 May 2012

New Look - Do You Like?

Hello everyone. Welcome to the month of May. I love May because it heralds the hot summer season. Although that looks like a pipe dream with the rains we've been having in the South of England lately.

But I'm not going to let that get me down because May is also my birthday month. Yes, my star sign is Taurus, if you're into astrology. Did you guess? LOL. According to Kelly's Star Signs, Taureans are 'easy to understand', 'practical and persevering', 'sensual and patient' and 'make excellent lovers'! Yeah! LOL.

Good news, the month has started well so far. I've just signed my 4th contract with Breathless Press to publish my paranormal romance short story in The Blood Bar Chronicles Book 3 - The Enforcers anthology with 3 of my other writing buddies at The Nuthouse Scribblers; Yazmin Subha, Alyssa Fox and Caledonia St James. I'll bring you more news on the anthology soon.
Book 1 of The Blood Bar Chronicles - The Alphas is out now and features Cherie Nicholls, Jorja Lovett, Doris O'Connor and Arya Grey.

More good news, An Engagement Challenge is currently doing well in it's first week of release and is already a category bestseller at All Romance eBooks, thanks to all you wonderful people. As my thank you gift, A Valentine Challenge is available FREE for another day. This offer ends on Friday. You can download it from All Romance or Smashwords. Please share the link with your friends/followers. Thank you.
Also to say a big thank you, I chose 5 winners from my release day contest instead of 1. Check the top right-hand bar to see if you're listed. Congratulations to all the winners. Let me know which ebook format you prefer; kindle, epub or pdf.

So to celebrate the month of May, I've done some spring cleaning on my blog. Well, it's more of a redesign. I wanted a fresh look. I added a picture header, changed the background picture and font colours but the layout is the same. I've split My Books into the categories. So there's now a tab for Contemporary and another for Historical. Soon there'll be one for Paranormal too. Have a look around.

What do you think? Do you like the new look? Do you think it represents me and what I write well? Would you rather I went back to the sultry red rather than this sensual cream. I'd love to know your thoughts, so please share them.

Have a wonderful Thursday!

PS: I'm over at The Emerge Review this week chatting about love, life and aspirations. Check it out.