Sunday, 21 September 2014

A soft moan escaped her lips #SexySnippets #ASMSG Riding Rebel

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My snippet comes from my WIP, Riding Rebel (Book 2 of The Essien Trilogy). It is still early days with this but there's some smexiness coming up. This is first draft and unedited so pardon any errors.

The revving of a motorbike had her turning her head to see who had arrived. Head obscured in a black helmet and wearing a black leather jacket and blue denim, the rider could've been any man.
Surely it wouldn't be one of the actors auditioning for a part in the movie?A smirk curled the corner of her lips at the thought.
Gripping the handlebars with cool ease, the rider had a powerful presence as he pulled up to a spot. The ground beneath her gold ballerina shoes vibrated before he killed the engine and she felt the tremors between her thighs.
"Oh," a soft moan escaped her lips and she closed her eyes involuntarily.

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Have a fabulous Sunday!
Kiru xx

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