Friday, 2 September 2011

Romantic Friday Writers - Heart Stopper

Welcome back to Romantic Friday Writers. This week's theme is heart-stopper. I’m sharing a snippet from HWB. In this scene, Kola does something he’s never done with any other woman. He kisses Tari of his own volition. It’s a heart-stopping moment for him. I hope you agree. Enjoy.
Word Count: 400 (MPA)

“Nike is such a lovely kid.”

At the sound of her velvety voice, Kola turned and saw the object of his torturous thoughts standing just outside the side door. The spotlights reflecting off the pool turned Tari’s dress into gossamer. He could see the outline of her body underneath it. His heart stopped for a moment. His breath caught in his throat. When his heart restarted, it set a furious pace sending all his blood southwards.
“She is a good kid,” he responded to her words, acknowledging her spell-binding presence.

Propelled by an inexplicable force, he moved forward. She didn’t move from the spot. Instead she watched him intently as he closed in on her. Deep down he knew he had to connect with her like he’d never done before. When he got within arm’s length, he stopped.  Did he really want to do this? It had nearly floored him the first time around. He knew it would change things permanently this time around.
From his position he could see her face clearly. He feasted his eyes on her. Her eyes, with their dilated pupils, appeared greener, brighter, and warmer – the smouldering emerald hue overshadowing their normally hazel tint. Her smooth skin had a luminosity that reminded him of caramel fudge. The urge to taste her overwhelmed him. He consciously licked his lips even as he stilled himself. He watched her soft lips part as if in response to his action, an open invitation to tempt him. His already shaky resistance crumbled in that instant.

“What the hell,” he growled as he grabbed her shoulders, pulling her into his arms, crushing her lips with his. To say she was surprised was an understatement. He could feel her body stiffen, her lips freeze. How could he blame her? He was the one breaking his own rules. As much as he was hungry for her, he needed to know she was with him every step of the way.
He flicked his tongue across the edges of her lips. They tasted of vanilla. He wanted to taste more of her. His tongue probed her lips. “Open for me, baby,” he whispered against her lips. She gave a soft sigh before letting him in, her warm breath feathering his cheek. He took his time tasting her sweet inner recesses, his tongue deep in her mouth. There was no need to rush.

So was that heart-stopping enough for you? Share your thoughts and comments. Remember to check out the other submissions for this week too by using the RFW link above. Have a great weekend.