Monday, 16 January 2012

Romantic Friday Writers - New Year's Resolution

Hello readers! I'm back from a long hiatus from Romantic Friday Writers. This is the first challenge for the New Year and not so coincidentally the theme is New Year's Resolution. As always, the challenge is to write a piece of prose/poem/flash fiction of no more than 400 words.

My snippet today is from a work in progress titled Making Scandal. It's the second in a contemporary romance Essien trilogy series. This is Mark and Faith's story. This story is in its early stages, so bear with me if things don't make sense yet.

Word count: 400 (MPA)


The time was here. Finally.

A wave of anxiety buffeted her mind. Faith glanced in the mirror. On the outside, she didn’t look any different from how she’d appeared that fateful New Year’s Eve. Well, except for her outfit. That night she’d been dressed to seduce—resplendent in a strapless teal outfit with a bodice that enhanced her curves and skirt that flared at the hips reaching her mid-calves in an asymmetrical cascade. She’d worn diamante-studded silver high-heeled sandals that matched her purse. Her black hair had been cut into a short sexy style that flattered her oval face and provocatively displayed her slender neck, on which she’d worn a silver diamond studded choker.

The memory played back in her mind. She curved her lips in a bittersweet smile.

She’d arrived at that party the aggressor. For months, Mark had made his intentions known. He wanted her. She’d rebuffed him each time. He was the second son to the Essien family Finance dynasty, a well known playboy. Since his older brother got married, he’d become the next eligible Essien. Every woman in Nigeria, if not Africa, suddenly wanted to get a piece of Mark in the quest to become the next Mrs Essien.

But her motives had been different. She didn’t want to become Mrs Essien. Her ambitions didn’t involve surrendering permanently to an arrogant man just for the sake of having the status of the ‘Mrs’ prefix. She’d simply wanted to sate the desire that had blossom within her from the first moment she’d seen Mark delivering a speech at a Finance conference in Johannesburg. Her New Year's resolution had been simply to stop fighting the attraction and succumb to just one night with him.

When his all-seeing blue-black eyes had met hers across the floor, there had been no mistaking the smouldering need within their depths. She’d been unable to quell her body’s needful trembling when he’d taken her hand. Before the clock had struck midnight she’d been in his arms, on his bed, in his penthouse apartment in Ikoyi.

It had been a night to remember. Being with Mark had been intoxicating, like a heady addictive drug. Once she got a taste of him, she didn’t want to stop. But she’d had to. She had to stay in control of her life. So that morning she’d dressed, leaving his apartment, before he could kick her out himself. 


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