Friday, 27 January 2012

His Treasure Wins LRC Best Book Award plus RFW

Hello readers! I have two items to cover in this post.

Firstly. His Treasure is the LR Cafe Best Book of 2011 Winner!

If you remember my post where I'd mentioned the nominations and asked you to vote, I'd written that I wasn't expecting to win. I mean there were books in the same category from well established authors like Kat Martin, Kim Harrison and Sherrilyn Kenyon. Not to mention others. So I wasn't expecting to win. I mean, I was totally flabbergasted with the results. If you live anywhere near the south east of England and heard a woman screaming yesterday. That was probably me.

Right. Here's me about to do a Kate Winslet. Or was that Halle Berry? Anyway, I'm about to gush with joy all over this post.

Thank you LRC for this award. I'm really glad that romance readers are willing to try something new especially in the historical romance category which is hugely dominated by Regency stories. It's great to see a story set in Ancient Africa shine with the rest.

For that, I thank God for giving me the talent. My husband and children for being so supportive. My writing colleagues at Romance Writers of West Africa for pushing me to write the story in the first place for a contest. My critique group The Nuthouse Scribblers, especially Sukhi, for their priceless critique. My editor  Kristie for working with me to polish it until it shone with brilliance. And of course you wonderful readers for your continuous encouragement. Thank you, all!

Right. I've stopped gushing. To read the full list of LRC Best 2011 winners go here.

Now here's my entry for Romantic Friday Writers. This week's theme is Learning to dance when it's over. My snippet is from A Valentine Challenge, my contemporary romance novella out January 30. There also another excerpt here. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Word count: 400 words


“Don’t rush to change your flight yet. She might still change her mind,” Michael said, smiling encouragingly.

“I doubt it. Didn’t you see her face? I can’t believe that we’ve let things slide so much. I’ll just have to go see my parents when I get back to Lagos.” Kasie’s grandmother would be turning in her grave knowing that members of her family weren’t even speaking to each other. She’d been the glue that held their family together. Shame it had disintegrated after her death.

Michael took her hand. As always his warmth permeated her skin, calming her jangled nerves. “Don’t worry about your sister. If she’s too conceited to see that you’re trying to make peace, then you’re better off without her.”

Kasie nodded but didn’t say anything. If only it was that easy to ignore. Seeing Michael’s mother had made her yearn for the closeness that was missing in her family. It used to be there. Things had started going wrong after she had refused to marry the son of a senator her father had set her up with. Her sister had married a member of the Senate. It had been expected that Kasie would follow suit in marrying a man chosen by her father.

When she didn’t, her father got angry with her. She didn’t have anyone for support. Her stepmother was of no help, concentrating on her own children. Her sister stopped talking to her. Her grandmother, who’d been like a mother to her since her own mother died, had passed on. She was alone.

Except, when she was with Michael.

It was ironical that being with Michael sowed the seed to reconnect to her family. He’d given her a new upbeat outlook. She was learning new things about herself. Learning to live her life in full again despite what had happened. Just like learning to dance after it was all over. Her desire for him grew each day. Still, she knew it wasn’t possible to have him and her family at the same time. They’d never accept someone like him.

Moreover, he didn’t want her, at least not permanently. He didn’t see her as wife material. He’d said as much just now. Was it possible to have a little more of him? Tomorrow she’d return to Lagos to patch up her relationship with her father and the rest of her family.

Today, she had Michael.


I hope you enjoyed reading it. Please share your thoughts. Remember to read the other RFW entries this week. Have a fabulous weekend.