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A Review: The Wild Heart by Gina Rossi @Ginagina7

A historical fiction with romantic elements set in eighteenth century South Africa, published by The Wild Rose Press, available in eBook and paperback.

Disclaimer: I paid for and downloaded this eBook via Amazon UK. No favours where exchanged for this review. This is purely my opinion of the story.

The Blurb:

Georgina Blake flees a refined life in eighteenth century England to avoid a scandal. Determined to begin a new life, she voyages to the Cape of Good Hope, only to find death and destruction await, endangering those she holds dear.
Though she is intrigued by stranger, Anton Villion, trader, adventurer and maverick, his arrival threatens her precarious security. Anton, himself privy to a painful secret, shadowed by heartbreak and seeking peace, is drawn to Georgina despite his hurt and mistrust, and his reservations about her history.

In time, their growing love is thwarted by the past - and Louisa Somerville, hell bent on diverting Anton's attentions. Fate has thrown them together but can Anton and Georgina salvage their bond before destiny tears them apart? Together, can they find the strength and courage to embark on a journey to redemption and everlasting love?

My Review:

The Wild Heart is a wonderfully written piece of historical fiction. The story telling is lyrically descriptive, often cinematic that I couldn’t help picturing the wild open rural spaces of South Africa. At times I considered it would make a great movie, even comparing it to scenes of Katherine Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart in African Queen.

I have to admit the setting captured my attention, perhaps more than the characters because of the authors writing style. In a sense it was a character of its own right. However, there are some interesting human characters.

Georgina Blake is a strong female lead with purpose and determination. I liked that she was brave enough to get on with her life despite the prejudices she faced.

Anton on the other hand was a mixed-bag of a character. When we first met him out on the wild plains of Leeuwfontein, he came across as macho and confident. Yet when we see him interacting with the women of Cape Town, especially with Louisa, he comes across as naive, which is why the woman played him like she did.

On the other hand, I found Louisa most intriguing as a character, although she was the villain of the story.

I guess my least favourite thing about this story is that for the most part, Anton and Georgina were apart. I expected a little bit more on-the-page interaction between the two of them and found the lack of it quite frustrating. While I was rooting for them to succeed individually, it was hard to see them as a couple. I just couldn’t connect them romantically although that’s what happened in the end.  This is why I've classified this as a historical fiction with romantic elements rather than a historical romance.

All in all, this is a story packed with suspense, adventure, action, and yes ultimately, romance. It will keep you entertained. I find it easy to recommend for all lovers of historical fiction and costume drama. And if like me you love all things African, then you have to read it.

My Verdict:

A quite enjoyable debut novel. I look forward to more from Gina Rossi.

My Rating

My Recommendation

Buy it. Read it.

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  1. When I think romance, I definitely want to see both characters on the page most of the time. Blake sounds like a good writer.

  2. Gina, certainly is. Thanks for stopping by, JL.


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