Friday, 9 September 2011

Romantic Friday Writers - Lunch Date

Welcome back to Romantic Friday Writers. This week the challenge is to write flash fiction/poem/excerpt for the theme of Lunch Date. I'm sharing a snippet from a story I started writing on Wednesday. It is a contemporary romance set in Lagos, Nigeria titled Just My Luck.

A brief summary of the story so far: Trina has a flat tyre. Wale, a stranger who happens to look like her favourite actor, stops and helps her out. He invites her out to lunch. It’s the next day and she’s currently waiting for him in the restaurant after taking a phone call from her ex who she’s now termed ‘stalker’ Steve. This bit is the first time she sees Wale after last night. I hope you enjoy it.

Word Count: 400 (MPA)

Giving herself one last look in the mirror, Trina headed back out into the restaurant. Her steps faltered when she saw Wale sitting at the table waiting for her. His back was turned towards her. Strangely she recognised his broad shoulders and muscular back from last night. Today they were encased in a white T-shirt that showed off his killer biceps brilliantly. She saw good-looking muscular men at the gym everyday but this one was just... She lacked the words to describe him appropriately. She was practically salivating.

Let me at him.

 As if sensing her, he turned around. When their eyes connected, the corners of his lips lifted in a smile, his midnight eyes twinkling like stars. Her already racing heart tripped over itself. He was even more breathtaking in broad daylight.

Goodbye Steve...Hello Wale.

Sashaying over to the table, she tried to regain some of her earlier annoyance. But it was gone. When he smiled at her like that, how could she stay mad at him for being late for their lunch date? Still, she couldn’t let him off just yet.

When she stopped by her chair, he stood up. Wow, a real gentleman. She didn’t know there were still any of those left, in this era of emasculated men? Steve never stood or opened doors for her. Not that she’d minded. She was an independent woman, after all.

“You look beautiful,” Wale said, kissing her cheek. She caught that spicy scent of his and heat twirled in her belly.

“Flattery won’t get you anywhere. You’re late.” She tried to feign annoyance but couldn’t help the smile tugging her lips. He really was the epitome of irresistible. He waited for her to sit down before he did.

“I’m sorry for keeping you waiting. Something came up I couldn’t avoid. Forgive me?” He quirked his eyebrows in suppressed amusement, his hands folded in supplication.

“Okay, I will this time.” She smiled fully now. “Don’t do it again.”

“I won’t. I wanted to call you but realised I didn’t have your number.” He waved the waiter over. “Why didn’t you call me?”

“Well, I couldn’t.” She shrugged dismissively, averting her eyes.

“Why? Is there something wrong with your phone?” He eyed the phone on the table.

“No. It’s not that.”

The waiter turned up and they ordered their meal and drinks. When he walked off, Wale probed her, “What then?”

I hope you enjoyed it. Your thoughts and comments are welcome as usual. Remember to visit the other entries for this week's challenge via the link. Have a fabulous weekend.