Sunday, 26 July 2015

This is no comic book #sexysnippets #asmsg Black Heart #comingsoon

Welcome back to sexy snippets. This week I'm sharing from Black Heart. Idris and Rahma are having a telephone conversation about Idris taking down some bad guys when this happens...

This is still a draft so pardon any errors.

The sound of a soft moan and rapid breathing filtered through the phone, distracting him.
“You sound like the dark avenger.”
“Hmmm?” His face creased in a frown. Was she making a joke out of this? “Princess, this is no comic book. It is real life.” His tone was chiding.
“Oh, come on. I prefer it when you call me by my name. It’s so sensual. So sexy.”
Her slow drawled out words made the crease between his brows deepen. Something about the tone of her voice reminded him of the night he’d first met her. Her voice had the same slurred hypnotic quality.
“Rahma, are you drunk?”
“No. But I’d like to get drunk on you. I want to taste you.”

I hope you enjoyed it.
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