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Kola: Prologue Part 5 and Passion Shields #4thofJulyWeekend SALE #ASMSG

Welcome back to Kola: Prologue Part 5
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Before I get to Part 5 I just wanted to let you know that Evernight Publishing is having a 25% discount SALE this weekend on ALL their eBook including mine. So if you haven't read any of the Passion Shields series books, now is a great time to pick them up.

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Note: These books are about the same main characters so are best read in sequence.

Now on to Kola Prologue: Part 5

"Like now, when I tell you to get in the car outside, you'll do it or I'll put a bullet through your head. Isn't that right?" Stinger asked with a sneer and glazed, cold eyes.
"Yes," Kola said. He knew better than to disagree with a man who was high from drugs. Living in the slums, he saw the effects of alcohol and drugs on people every day. Those things made perfectly rational people irrational.
"See what I mean?" Stinger laughed and the rest joined in.
Olori came over and patted Kola on the shoulder. "You'll be fine."
Kola nodded and swallowed again, hoping it would be true although he doubted it very much.
Not long after, they all got into a Peugeot 504 and Stone drove with his brother next to him while Olori, Tunji, and Kola sat in the back.
About thirty minutes later, Stone drove the car down into an overgrown patch off a quiet residential street. The sun was low in the sky. Stinger lit another roll of weed. Kola's stomach heaved, the smell making him nauseous. He turned his face in the direction of the open window, glad of the gentle breeze coming in. Why were they sitting in the car instead of getting on with the job?
As soon as the sun disappeared on the horizon, he got his answer as Stone spoke, "It's time."
They decanted from the car, the men filing into the bush and hiding within the tall grasses. Olori pulled him aside and across the street. He took a small brown plastic bottle out of his pocket and poured liquid over Kola's head.
In the fading light, Kola stared down at his shirt, mouth wide open, to find splotches of red stains all over him.
"What are you doing?" he protested as his new shirt had just been ruined and he swiped at the marks in futility.
"Don't worry about the shirt. You'll have enough money to buy ten of it after tonight," Olori said. "Just go over to that house and knock at the gates. When someone opens, tell them you are injured from an accident and you need help."
Olori slapped him so hard his head spun. Staggering backwards, he saw stars.
"Cry and do as I told you," Olori demanded and pushed him forward.
Kola fell down, scraping his knees. Tears came to his eyes and fell as pain speared from his knees and palms. Olori grabbed his arm tight, dragged him up and pushed him again towards the gates of the house. Wincing, he stumbled forward, his trousers torn and dirty, his legs aching.
What kind of a job was this that he had to lie and pretend, men hiding in the bushes with guns in their pockets? He knocked on the metal gates but the sound was too faint and no one responded. He turned around to find Olori around the corner, his head sticking out.
"Knock louder."
Kola pounded on the metal gates till his knuckles hurt. The sound of metal bolts being shifted came first, followed by the squeak of the moving hinges before a man in blue shirt and dark trousers security uniform stood before him.
"What—are you alright?" the man asked when he saw his state.
Kola sniffed. "I'm not okay. I'm injured from an accident. Please help me."
His mouth soured at the lie and he swiped the back of his right hand over his face to hide his guilt.
In the dim light from the street lamp, the man peered at him again before nodding. "Stay here. Let me call the Madam."
He turned to walk away but didn't get far. The three men appeared behind Kola. Stinger barrelled into the gateman, knocking him to floor, gun pointed at his head. "Make a noise and you're dead."
The gateman covered his mouth with his hands, eyes wide with fear.
"Lead the way into the house. No sudden movements." Stone dragged the man up, holding on as they followed him towards the house.
"You and Tunji stay here and watch the gates for any unexpected visitors. If anyone turns up, come into the house and tell me straight away."
"Yes, Olori," Kola said.
"Isn't this exciting," Tunji said as soon as Olori and the others disappeared inside the house. He paced up and down, showing his anticipation.
Kola ground his teeth, trying to control his agitation. How could anyone be excited about what they were doing? Even in his eight-year-old mind, this was wrong.
"How can you say that? Are you not even scared? They have guns," Kola said in a harsh voice.
"That's half the fun. I can't wait to start carrying my own gun."
Kola could only shake his head in disbelief at his friend. He joined in the pacing, listening out for any sounds from the house. Eerie silence surrounded him, peppered by the occasional car driving past. Such a contrast to the regular noise of cars, loud music from ghetto-blasters, imam prayer calls or even preachers with megaphones that he was used to.
From what he could see at the front of the house, there stood the grandest house he'd been in with a paved and well-lit front drive leading up to a detached two-storey building with white walls and high fences. A brand new four-door saloon car sat to one side. Did the woman the gateman had referred to as 'the Madam' have children? He couldn’t tell from the exterior.
Hunching his shoulders, he shoved his hands into his pockets and leaned against the wall by the gate.
Why had the gateman opened the gate? They wouldn't have gained access, otherwise. Why had he been standing outside the day Stone and Stinger visited? They wouldn't have picked him to do their dirty bidding, either. Perhaps Osei or one of the other boys would have ended up in his place, instead. Kola would've been enjoying his evening meal by now or preparing for bed.
Suddenly, commotion erupted around him. The men ran out of the house, footsteps pounding the concrete. Gun shots peppered the air.
Startled and frozen to the spot, Kola's heart beat thundered so loud in his ears. Someone running past shoved him. Stinger. He hit the ground as pain ripped through his leg. His scream pierced his ears and he fell into darkness.

To be continued...
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