Sunday, 4 May 2014

Would he dare to spank her? #SexySnippets #asmsg His Strength

Welcome back to Sexy Snippets. This weekly meme is hosted by The Nuthouse Scribblers where we share seven sentences from a published book or work-in-progress. If you're a writer, feel free to join us by signing up at the Sexy Snippets page. Sign up opens every Tuesday and closes midnight every Saturday (UK time).

Since I brought you a snippet from His Treasure, Men of Valor #1 last week, this week's snippet comes from His Strength, the second book of the series.

Unlike the quiet patience of Obinna in His Treasure, Ikem in His Strength has no qualms about taking his bratty woman to hand as displayed in this scene. I hope you enjoy it.

"Are you going to answer my question or should I carry on?"
"You wouldn't dare." Her voice sounded more breathy than indignant. He raised his hand and brought it down on her bum. A loud smack echoed throughout the hut.
She yelped, squirming on his lap. "Okay. I'll tell you."
Lifting her nightdress, he licked the spot on her bum where he'd spanked. Her soft gasp sent lightning through him. His erection swelled, jerking upward against her belly.

Genre: Historical erotic romance
Series: Men of Valor, book 2
When a warrior seeks to claim a free-spirited woman, he soon discovers a tigress unwilling to be caged.

As a young widow, Nneka yearns to be released from the obligations to her late husband’s family, and live as an independent woman. With a past colored by a brutal father, she’ll never yield to another man willingly, and will do just about anything to attain that freedom, including flouting the laws of the land.

Ikem was unable to claim Nneka once because his lineage meant he wasn’t good enough. Now fate has given him another chance, but he quickly discovers that claiming this unpredictable wildcat is easier said than done. Will he be able to convince her that succumbing to their passion is the key to her freedom?

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