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Bejeweled-sharp scissors and sharper tongues- Chelle Ramsey #booktour

 Today, I welcome author Chelle Ramsey as she introduces her latest book, Bejeweled. Stop by and say hello.

About the Book

THE HOUSE OF BEJEWELED– the place all divas go in the ATL for the hottest hair styles and even hotter gossip.

OLIVIA – the owner of The House of BeJeweled hair and nail salon faces the challenge of inspiring the clientele while helping her team of talented stylists pick up the pieces of their broken lives. Paired with their constant drama, she must now fight to keep her heart protected from the one man who has always laid claim to it.

ANGEL – has put up with a lot from the man she loves. Is his latest betrayal the last straw or can love conquer all? Beware the rage of a woman scorned.

Stop by for a visit and get your hair cut or colored at BeJeweled, where the scissors are sharp, but the tongues are sharper.

Excerpt-Angel’s Intruder in the Knight

Angel woke up at 5 o’clock one Saturday morning after TJ had wet the bed. “Lil man, go back to the bedroom and wait for me, while I put these sheets in the washer,” Angel said, after pulling TJ out of the bathtub and wrapping him in a towel.
Coming out of the laundry room and heading back to her room, she ran dead smack into a body in the darkened hallway. She stumbled momentarily but not long before gathering her wits. The body was too compact and tall to be her mother’s and she knew it wasn’t TJ.
“Aiiiii!!! Get out! Get out of here!” Angel screamed to the top of her lungs. She began clawing and swinging on the body trying to land as many blows as possible. She was hoping her mother would hear and dial 911.
“Stop! Angel, stop right now!” her mother yelled as she ran down the hall and stepped between Angel and her would-be attacker.
“Mama, call 911, he’s breaking in. Run Mama, I got ‘im!” Angel screamed, still swinging.
“Angel! Quit that foolishness right now, I said!” Her mother scolded, grabbing her arms to still them.
“Huh?” Angel was out of breath from trying to save the family and her mother was mad at her? It didn’t make any sense.
Gathering a short robe tightly around her, her mother flicked on the hallway lights and turned back to Angel.
“Richard, this is my daughter, Angel. Angel, this is my…friend, Richard,” her mother introduced.
Angel looked at her mother who clearly appeared embarrassed over the entire situation. She was shocked to see her mother in a flimsy night robe and teddy.
“What the hell is going on?” Richard asked in a huffy tone. Light-skinned and standing only five feet and four inches tall, it was no surprise to Angel that she had given him a hard time. He wasn’t too much bigger than her. She was only 5’1 and 100 pounds having taken her small stature from her mother. Red scratches on his face were visible proof of Angel’s attempts to protect her family.
“Um, baby, remember I told you my daughter and grandson were moving back in here? Well this is my daughter I was referring to,” Eden, Angel’s mother stated.
“Mhmm. Well I gotta get going. I guess it was nice meeting you, Angel,” he grumbled and hurriedly walked past her to the front door.
Eden walked him to the door trying to appease him as he was on his way out. Angel ran to her bedroom remembering she had told TJ to stay there.
Her little boy stood in the middle of the bedroom floor shivering in his bath towel and looking frightened. “It’s okay, baby. Grandma Eden had company and I didn’t know it and got scared, that’s all. Are you alright?” she asked, leaning down to pick him up. He shook his head yes and looked at his mother with sad eyes.
“Come on, let’s get you dressed and back to bed, baby.”
Eden popped her head into the doorway. “Angel, I’ll talk to you later in the morning. Put that baby back to bed and get yourself some rest, you hear? I’m going to bed.”
“Yes, ma’am,” she replied and finished dressing TJ. She got the distinct impression her mother was upset with her, but she had done nothing wrong. What was a strange man doing creeping out of her mother’s bedroom at that time of the morning? She just knew Eden Gardner wasn’t doing a booty call. Uh-uh not her strong miss ‘independent-I-don’t-need-a-man’ mama.

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About the Author
Chelle Ramsey has had a love for writing since she was a young teenager writing poetry and An avid reader since her primary years, Michelle saw books as an escape mechanism. Excited by the worlds, and characters that could be created with a touch of the imagination, she began writing her own stories at the age of 12. The more enamored with storytelling she became, the more she wanted to create stories about the suffering, and hardships she saw others enduring, with one twist…her characters would rise above their adversities and limitations, but not always with traditional endings.

This busy wife, and mother of three, exchanged her Girl Scout Leader pins for her creative writing pen, as she began to focus on publishing her novels. In her spare time, when she isn’t writing, she enjoys reading mystery novels, watching NBA, remodeling their home with her husband, and spending time with him and their children. Having recently received her MBA in Human Resource Management, she says she cannot wait for the day when writing becomes her full-time career. “If I can show my readers they are not alone, in dealing with their challenges, and that they can rise above their limitations, I have achieved my goal,” Ramsey says. BeJeweled is her fourth release, and the first book in the series.

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